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The Best Easter Sweets To Throw In Someone’s Easter Basket

The Best Easter Sweets To Throw In Someone’s Easter Basket

The Best Easter Sweets To Throw In Someone's Easter Basket

Easter is one of the most fun and colourful times of the year. With so many activities to get stuck into, you can never go wrong with a good candy selection for your Easter baskets. Here is a list of Easter sweets that will cater to the chocolate lover, the jelly lover and the all-around sweet-tooth! Whether you’re making your own cakes or stocking them with mini treats, your baskets will look mouthwatering with these colourful candy combinations.

Cadbury Chocolate Mini Eggs

Chocolate filled mini eggs coated in a sugar shell, Cadburys’s mini eggs are a personal favourite. As one of the well sought-after Easter sweets, these mini treats will go down well in any basket. They’re not messy at all and they’re small and cute enough to use as a decoration for the basket amongst the other treats.

Jelly Beans

Jelly Belly’s Jelly Beans (are a mouth full, literally) is the ideal Easter sweets to sprinkle in and around your Easter basket. Full of colour and tasting just as sweet as they look, you can’t go wrong with them! These soft, chewy treats are perfect for those who will want to get stuck in!


Nest Cakes

A delightful treat topped with mini Easter eggs, you can never go wrong with this cereal and chocolate marriage. As one of the favourite Easter sweets, nest cakes are very popular amongst adults and children alike. You can buy the pre-made or even make them yourself. They are so quick and easy to do!

Nestle’s Walnut Whip

This one is for the Marshmallow lovers. A classic treat, the Walnut Whip is a pleasure to bite into and a unique accompaniment to your assortment of Easter sweets. From the crunch of the nut to the chocolate coated cream of the marshmallow in this fabulous trio, you and your basket are both guaranteed to indulge!

Maltesers Biscuit Bunny

Add a bit of crunch to your basket bunch with the Maltesers bunny. This is no doubt a cute little addition to any Easter basket as a crunchy and creamy delight. Stick one or two halfway standing up in your baskets or even a cupcake, so the bunnies can pop out and say ‘hi!’.


Creme Eggs

Whether it’s Cadbury’s classic creme eggs or Reese’s peanut butter creme eggs, this gooey concoction will go down as a treat. As one of the more popular Easter sweets to make their appearance around Easter time, creme eggs are a staple addition to your basket.

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Who doesn’t love a good set of sprinkles?! These flat chocolate treats are covered with sugar sprinkles and are bursting with colour. Just enough for a cheeky mouthful, they’ll add excitement to any basket. The perfect combination of crunch and soft, they are not too sweet and make for a satisfying snack. You can mix it up by adding them on top of mini cupcakes.


Jelly Carrots

Jelly Carrots are a fruity orange flavoured gummy that would be a great companion for any of the bunnies in your basket. They aren’t as easy to get as the other sweets but there are many variations of these gummies available. They can also help in making your basket look a little healthier… (just a little!).

Lindt Chocolate Gold Bunny

The ultimate addition to any Easter basket is the Lindt chocolate gold bunny. Divine in all of its chocolate glory, this is one of the cutest Easter sweets to tap into. Some of the chocolate bunnies (dependent on which size you get) even come with bells around their necks! There’s no better way to attract attention like a jingling bell ringing from your basket.

Which sweets are your favourite? Let us know in the comment below!

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