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The Best Easter Decorations To Put Around Your Home

The Best Easter Decorations To Put Around Your Home

The Best Easter Decorations To Put Around Your Home

Easter Decorations is not something I have ever really done. Where I am from we do your standard Easter egg hunt and then spend the rest of the gorging ourselves on chocolate, whilst laying on the sofa. However, the idea of doing Easter decorations is great if you have younger siblings or some flatmates in need of fun. There are loads of little things you can craft yourself to get you in the spirit of Easter. So without further ado here are some adorable Easter decorations you can put all around your home.

1. Filled Mason Jars

Mason jars can be used for all sorts of decorations and crafts but I particularly love this idea of filling them up with your favourite Easter sweets. Mini eggs are top tier Easter treats in the UK so if you fill up some mason jars (similarly to how they are pictured below) then you can put these around the house in the lead up to Easter – and then eat them when all the festivities are over! They would even be a great alternative to your standard Easter egg gift.

2. Easter Wreath

You have floral wreaths. You can have wreaths for Christmas. Why not have a wreath for Easter? Made up of Easter eggs and spring flowers. You can place these on your front doors or if you were feeling a bit extra you could spend time with a group of friends (even your siblings) crafting one for your own bedroom door.


3. Decorated Easter Eggs

Decorating eggs is a something we do at Guides almost every year and every year they seem to get more and more inventive. You can boil eggs and paint them or you can purchase porcelain or styrofoam eggs and do the same thing. There are endless variations you could do and you could even do a different theme for each room.

4. Bunny Bums

The Easter bunny could now be an adorable decoration for coffee tables and windowsills. They would also make a super hiding place for any small Easter eggs. If you wanted to make these yourself you certainly could but these particular ones are from Etsy and they would make an adorable shelf decoration.

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5. Rabbit Garland

Garlands are a great decorative item for every holiday and they can be hung anywhere in the house. These bunny garlands can be made with newspaper, craft paper or even drawn on in any way you please. Then you can drape them from the window or perhaps over a bed frame. If you did not like the bunny shape of this garland you could instead make bunting and embellish it with rabbits, eggs, chicks and any other Easter related things.

6. Easter Baskets

Easter baskets can be used to both collect delicious Easter eggs but also to decorate your home during Easter. You can fill them up with items of your choice however if you choose to decorate eggs you could fill the baskets with your own decorated eggs (in a similar fashion to the picture below).


7. Salt Dough Easter Eggs

I love this one as its a handy homemade twist on a Christmas tree decoration. Similarly to the eggs, you can decorate these eggs to fit a theme or in any which way you like. You can hang them from a decorative tree anywhere in your home but I think they would make a nice centrepiece for a dining room table.

What do you use to decorate your house over Easter? Let us know in the comments section below or even leave a picture of your ideas below.

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