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The Best Drugstore Makeup For Contouring And Highlighting

The Best Drugstore Makeup For Contouring And Highlighting

Sometimes the best contour makeup can be found at your local drugstore. You don't need to break the bank in order to get a glowing highlight. Save some of your money and opt for these inexpensive brands because these are the best drugstore makeup for contouring and highlighting.

Contouring and highlighting are a couple of the most essential parts of your makeup routine. You want to achieve the best highlight to show off your perfectly sculpted contour. Drug store makeup brands have some of the best kits in order to achieve just that. Here are the best drugstore makeup for contouring and highlighting. These products will ensure that your face is looking so sculpted and highlighted, that it would blind the gods!


1. Jordana Sculpt N Go Creamy Contour Stick

This creamy stick allows you to draw lines exactly where you want to contour on your face. The creamy texture of the contour stick is great for blending in order to provide you with a natural contour or a sharp one, depending on your makeup preference. So why not test this contour stick out yourself and see the results you can achieve.


2. NYX Wonderstick Highlight And Contour

The NYX Cosmetics Wonderstick is a combination of both highlight and contour to give you the best of both worlds. A great tool to have if you are new to the world of contour due to it’s dual action. The texture allows you to trace an outline of where you’d like to highlight and the area you’d like to contour. This is a must-have and is the best drugstore makeup for contouring and highlighting

3. E.l.f Cream Contour Palette

This palette is carefully pigmented to allow you to build up your perfect contour shade and shape. It’s great for shading, sculpting, and brightening tired eyes. A multi-purpose piece of kit which will be necessary for your makeup bag.


4. Barry M Chisel Cheeks Contour Kit 

Another useful kit is the Chisel Cheeks by Barry M, it provides you with the tools to create a natural contour that isn’t too heavy. If you are going for a natural look this contour kit is definitely for you. Great for an evening dinner or just a light contour for your day look.

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5. NYX Professional Make Up Illuminating Bronzer

This bronzer is perfect as a highlighter and great for brightening areas of the face and mixing in with lip glosses to create a shimmery look. It is multi-purpose and essential as part of your makeup kit. This illuminator creates a popping highlight which will set off your contour and have you turning heads at any event.



Did you think this is the best drugstore makeup for contouring and highlighting? Let us know in the comments below!

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