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The Best Drugstore Makeup Brands For Lipstick And Eyeliner

The Best Drugstore Makeup Brands For Lipstick And Eyeliner

If you're on the hunt for affordable makeup that is great quality, check out these products. From lipstick to eyeliner, these are the best drugstore makeup brands you can find that are cheap but super pigmented and long lasting!

As opposed to face makeup products like foundation, we can pretty much get away with cheaper alternatives to high-end brands when it comes to lipstick and eyeliner – provided of course, we pick the right brands. Here are 3 of the best drugstore makeup brands for lipstick and eyeliner.

1) Rimmel London

Lasting Finish Lipstick by Kate Moss

Rimmel is fantastic for its price and is amongst the best drugstore makeup brands for lipstick. The Lasting Finish lipsticks by Kate Moss come in a variety of very pigmented shades from nude to bright red, look amazing when worn and glide on very smoothly on the lips. Rimmel’s original Lasting Finish collection is just as great, and offers a variety of different shades.



Exaggerate Liquid Eye Liner


The liquid and pencil liners by Rimmel are amazing quality and offer beautiful strokes for both subtle daytime and dramatic night-time wear. Exaggerate Liquid Eyeliner is a popular favourite with lovers of the cat-eye and it is one of the best drugstore eyeliners you could get your hands on. It is highly pigmented, offers maximum precision and lasts up to 16 hours, without smudging or running. Rimmel is definitely one of the best drugstore makeup brands for eyeliner.



2) Revlon

Super Lustrous™ Lipstick

A good collection of the best drugstore makeup brands for lipstick won’t suffice without the iconic Revlon. The Super Lustrous™ Lipstick range offers a comprehensive range of beautifully pigmented colours that will leave you lost for choice. The lipsticks in this collection are creamy and highly-pigmented for a bold, sultry lip look.



Colorstay™ Liquid Liner

Revlon is probably one of the best drugstore makeup brands for eyeliner, and the Colorstay™ Liquid Liner is my personal favourite out of all of them; it delivers very dark, bold lines with high precision, dries quickly and lasts the entire day. It also comes in 2 shades to suit your preference – Black Brown and Blackest Black.


3) Barry M Cosmetics

Lip Paint

It seems that Barry M never fails to impress when it comes to makeup and cosmetics. Its rich, wide collection of Lip Paints is amazingly good quality, and they come in matte, creamy and metallic shades. The colours are so pigmented, they can be applied in just one single swipe and are long-lasting. The small, matte black tubes are also seriously adorable and you can carry them with you wherever and whenever. Be sure to check out the new Colour Changing range and the Satin Super Slick collection. Barry M definitely beats and owns many of the other popular names when it comes to the best drugstore makeup brands for lipstick.

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Kohl Pencil

Sometimes I really do prefer good ol’ Kohl pencil eyeliner, even when it comes to the cat-eye flick. It gives such a natural, smudged smokey look, which I absolutely love. Barry M’s Kohl Pencil is amazing for lining your eyelids and your rims, lasts long and is very densely pigmented. It comes in a number of natural, earthy and nude shades as well as vivid and bright electric shades. Barry M sits right at the top of best drugstore makeup brands for eyeliner.


4) Collection Cosmetics

 Velvet Kiss Moisturising Lip Cream

 Collection Cosmetics is, without a doubt, one of the best drugstore makeup brands for lipstick. Their regular lipsticks are fantastic and their relatively new range of liquid lipsticks are an absolute dream in the shades that they offer, their longevity and their consistency. They apply like cream to your lips (hence the name Moisturising Lip Cream) and leave you with a gorgeously bold, velvety matte finish. I always comment on the divine vanilla-custard scent of these lipsticks, too – which really does make you want to eat them! (I wouldn’t advice you do that, of course).


 Kohl Eyeliner Precision Colour

 This is probably the most basic pencil eyeliner by Collection Cosmetics, and yet its existence alone makes it one of the best drugstore makeup brands for eyeliner. It is very affordable, comes in 3 different shades (black, brown and white)  and delivers immaculately precise, strong, fine lines. It’s very soft on the eyes, and one stroke of this, and you’re honestly good too go.


 Next time you make the choice to save up some pennies but still want to opt for good quality lipsticks and eyeliners, then you’ll know what alleys to look in at your drugstore!

Which one of these drugstore makeup brands is your go-to? Let us know in the comments section!

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