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The Best Dessert Places In Glasgow

The Best Dessert Places In Glasgow

Glasgow is filled with so many great dessert places that you have to try during your visit. Here are our top favorite places to go!
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Sometimes all you want is something sweet and luxurious, and there’s cafes dedicated to delivering this! Glasgow has amazing food, and there’s some amazing dessert places. Here’s a list of the top five places in this vibrant city:

1. Tantrum Doughnuts

Not your average doughnut shop, Tantrum Donuts offers an amazing variety of flavours and generous sizes too. They have crème brulee, mocha crumble, and they regularly release limited edition flavours. You can find them in the centre and near Kelvingrove in the West End. Cool down with their thick milkshakes or warm up with their delicious hot butterbeer.

2. Deesserts

Who doesn’t love the option of getting an ice cream sundae as big as your head at 11pm? This late-night dessert restaurant is glittery, excessive, and everything you could. There’s a huge menu with loads of options, including waffles, cookie dough, and sundaes, and every item is amazing.


3. Patisserie Valerie

This chain café is the epitome of French desserts. The window display always looks inviting and their patisserie is full of flavour and beautifully made. You can sit in or takeaway, and if you choose to take some cakes home, they fill a gorgeous box with your choice.

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4. Loop and Scoop

The first of its kind, Loop and Scoop not only offers handmade ice cream but it also offers churros to go with it. It’s one of the few places in Glasgow which offer churros, and you don’t want to miss them. You can even choose a churro cup or a churro oyster to have your choice of ice cream in.

5. Coro Chocolate Café

Need chocolate? This is the place to go. Open late, this café has a range of cakes, waffles, and crepes, and everything is slathered in chocolate. Their milkshake menu is also to die for, and you have the option of constructing your own dessert, so you can add and remove whatever toppings you’d like!

Where are your favorite dessert places in Glasgow? Tell us in the comments!
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