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The Best Daytime TV To Watch When You’re Stuck At Home

The Best Daytime TV To Watch When You’re Stuck At Home

If you're stuck at home, sometimes daytime TV is the only entertainment you've got! These are the best daytime television shows to watch when you're left trying to pass all that spare time!

Nothings worse than being stuck at home, whether it is weather, money, or illness based no one wants to waste a day inside. With that being said, there are some great daytime TV shows on air that will make you feel tons better about your life. Check them out!

Jeremy Kyle

An absolute classic, you cant think of British daytime TV without thinking of Ol’ Jezza. If you are stuck in the house then there is nothing better to make you feel better about your life then the people are Jeremy Kyle’s show. It’s great way to waste the day!

Say Yes To The Dress

Weddings are stressful, it’s a universally known fact, which is why it is so great to sit and watch somebody else go through it. Watching women with awkward entourages try to choose a dress is always funny and exciting, you’ll be yelling along with the family to get them to chose the right dress.


Judge Rinder

The ever sassy rulings of Judge Rinder are a smart way to waste the day. Watching the stupidity of what some people think they can get away with is always a good way to help you get through your own problems.

A Place In The Sun – Home or Away

This how satisfies multiple needs without leaving the house. It lets you be nosy at other peoples homes and shows you great places you could get away to at some point. There is nothing better then getting to be nosy about how other people live.

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Come Dine With Me

Watch middle aged people get bitter because somebodies quiche was slightly better than theirs. A group of people are invited round each others houses and told to give an accurate rating of the hosts night, except they never do. They all get very shady because they want to win the prize money and never vote as accurately as they should. Half the time they describe the night as perfect at the end of the night but there was a water spot on the knife so they only get a 3 out of 10.

Bargain Hunt

Follow round a group of amateurs try to make money from old knick knacks they’ve found at an antiques fair. Their faces when they don’t make the money they thought they would is absolutely priceless.

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