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The Best Colours To Wear To Change Your Mood

The Best Colours To Wear To Change Your Mood

Check out this list of the best colours to wear to change your mood. The colours that can make you feel passion, sadness or proactive.

From the catwalks of fashion weeks to interior designers or the simple High Street, most people are aware the effects colours can play in everyday life. These professionals use colours to convey themes and highlight moods. Therefore, there is a lot more to the colours we choose to wear than simply having a liking towards them. Do you ever wonder why your yellow skirt makes you feel happy or your black blouse makes you act more sophisticated? There is actually evidence to suggest our brain relates our moods to the colour we are wearing at the time. Below I have compiled a list of the colours that have the most impact.


Yellow is considered by many as the cheeriest colour. It reminds people of sunshine and sunflowers, automatically improving your mood. By wearing yellow, you will stand out from the crowd whilst radiating a joyous aura. Yellow reflects off of light which makes it the most visible colour. Because of this positive aura and visibility, people will want to be around you more. Yellow can actually improve your metabolism as well. So, by including more yellow in your wardrobe, you could find yourself inviting more people into your social circles and battling your weight. If you want to evade attention or relax I’d avoid this colour, but if you’re feeling daring then full steam ahead.


Are you on the dating scene? Then get shaking the dust off that red dress of yours. It has been proven that women in red are more attractive to men than women in other colours. Red helps to highlight your passionate side. You also need a shed load of confidence to pull off this dominating tone. By selecting this colour, it shows you are adventurous, comfortable in your sexuality and assertive. All qualities that prove to do wonders when attracting the opposite sex. Wearing red can also give you a boost on those days you seem less yourself. So whether you’re after the love of your life or a boost to your ego this could be the colour to gravitate towards.



Is your life a whirlwind right now? Do you feel like you need to get back in touch with your roots? Then start wearing green a lot more. Either a forest green or an earthy tone can let you feel closer to nature. Green helps you to feel calmer, more secure and grounded. So if you fancy going off the grid for a couple of days, then grab your hiking boots, green jacket and head up a mountain.

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You will find people in black in schools, catering or many office jobs. Ever wonder why?  Black is seen as professional and as a result people wearing it act more sophisticated and productive. If you need to be focussed and determined, then black is the colour for you. By wearing this you will be more proactive and get more work done than if you were wearing a brighter colour. Black is also a fashion staple because it compliments every other colour. Which makes it an easy pick if you need to get out in a hurry.



Going to an event where you need to look regal? Then reach for something purple. The colour is associated with royalty so whether its lilac, mauve or plum you’ll look gorgeous. Purple boosts spirituality which releases your negative emotions. Ultimately, making you calmer and reducing your heart rate. However, wearing too much of this colour can come across as vulgar as it promotes wealth.

It seems like we need to start putting a lot more thought into what colours we choose to wear. By looking good you feel good. So by choosing to wear a colour that improves happiness, it could be the boost you needed.  Let us know what you think.

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