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The Best Collections From London Fashion Week 2019

The Best Collections From London Fashion Week 2019

It's hard to keep track when it comes to London Fashion week! Here's something to help you out. The best collection at London Fashion week 2019!

London Fashion Week is always a crazy time for designers and fashion enthusiasts alike, and this year was no different. London Fashion Week 2019 showed us a bigger variety of styles, eras, and colours than we have seen in recent years. From loud colours, bold patterns and prints to Victorian and Edwardian grunge inspired neutrals, London Fashion Week 2019 has been one to behold. With so much on offer, it’s hard to keep up. So, we’re here to help you out and give you a snapshot of the best collections from London Fashion Week 2019.

1. Vivienne Westwood

There is no doubt in our minds that Vivienne Westwood’s collection at this year’s London Fashion Week was one of the best. With a diverse range of androgynous and feminine silhouettes, bold autumn colours and monotones, this collection is definitely one for the books. The way in which Westwood combines popular check prints and colloquial, eye-catching phrases with the grunge-esque quality of the collection shows without a doubt why Vivienne Westwood is one of the world’s most influential fashion designers in the world; and why her collection is undeniably one of the best from London Fashion Week 2019.


2. Ashish Gupta

Ashish Gupta is renowned for his beautiful, but some-what avant-garde designs and his collection at London Fashion Week 2019 certainly did not disappoint. Gupta has never been afraid to experiment with all things bright and sparkly. But, he has made a real statement this year at London Fashion Week by incorporating them into checks and florals and giving a big salute to crochet.

3. Malene Oddershede Bach

Malene showed off her beautiful floral collection at London Fashion Week this year. Known for her feminine style and androgynous undertones, this collection certainly lives up to its reputation with the use of floral patterns and darker, autumnal colours. Even the clever use of a woodland theme in unison with the clothes on the runway makes us love this whole collection even more! There’s something about this collection that means you can’t take your eyes off of it (probably the subtle use of sparkles!) and without a doubt gave every designer a run for their money at London Fashion Week.


4. House Of Holland

House Of Holland took the ready-to-wear side of London Fashion Week by storm this year. Consisting of several street style pieces from denim and monochrome colours to prints and utilitarian vibes, House Of Holland had it all. This collection is certain to be very popular among fashion enthusiasts. There are definitely a few pieces in this collection we can all see ourselves wearing, even outside of the madness that is London Fashion Week.

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5. Rue-L

Rue-L made their debut at London Fashion Week this year, and BOY did they do it right! The striking, avant-garde presentation fused with their bold and diverse style made an unquestionable impact. This is clearly a banquet fit for a king! Rue-L’s style is wearable for people of every size, shape, and form. The bright colours and bold prints will make Rue-L hard for anyone to forget.


6. Izzue

Izzue is another fashion label that took us by storm at London Fashion Week this year. Izzue’s streetwear style gave us some serious Addams family feels (which we love), with the big use of stripes and monochrome. The cohesive use of neon colours and the utilitarian trend are just what we’ve been waiting for. This collection gave us everything we were craving at London Fashion Week.

Are there any collections from London Fashion Week 2019 you think we’ve missed? Leave a comment below!

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