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The Best Cocktails To Have On A Night Out

The Best Cocktails To Have On A Night Out

These are the best cocktails you can have during a night out! Here are some of our favourite alcoholic beverages you need to try!

You’re on a night out and you’re looking at the many cocktails surrounding you.  You look at the cocktail menu but you’re not entirely sure which ones to have, here are a few that might tickle your fancy.

1.  Pornstar Martini

Ah, the old school cocktail most people love.  It’s one of those drinks where you can’t taste the alcohol so before you know it, you’re dancing half dressed on top of a table.  There are no downers with this passionfruit-based, God-given cocktail.

2. Blow Pop Martini

For those with a sweet tooth, this one’s for you.  Indulge in a boozy, fizzy, pucker up cocktail where often lemonade, sweet syrup, and bubblegum flavoured vodka are in the mix. Try not to tempt yourself into drinking too many of these.  You may need to see a dentist once you’re finished.


3.  An Old Fashioned

A classic cocktail to warm your spirits up.  Literally.  The whiskey melts on your tongue and soothes your throat, warming your chest.  This one is definitely bound to make you feel comfortably smashed.

4. Purple People Eater

Purple rain’s sister, this People Eater cocktail is another drink you could happily consume without making one of those scrunched up faces from the taste of the booze.

Disclaimer:  Your poop may turn a different colour to usual from the food colouring!


5. Colour changing lemonade slushy!

This one’s mainly for kids, although us adults have decided to vamp this unique drink up a bit with a dash of gin or vodka.  The concoction comprises of mostly blue tea and lemonade that creates this wonderful little show in your glass.

6. Dragonfruit Mojito

As shown on the Tipsy Bartender this drink takes you into a world of paradise.  You could class this as a healthy drink because it does have real dragonfruit in it, I guess?

7. Tiramisu Martini

Fancy a dessert but you also want a cocktail?  Look no further with this Italian delight.  This cocktail literally tastes of the famous tiramisu and is extremely Moorish, so be careful on your intake!

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8. Spiked Hot Chocolate

Ever fancied a hot drink in the midst of winter with a hint of booze?  Try this hot Bailey’s cocktail that your taste buds will thank you for buying.

9. 100-year-old-cigar

This old-timer is more of a social drink.  If you enjoy rum, scotch and absinthe this could be the cocktail for you.  The many delicious notes hit you but not in the same sickly sweet way most cocktails would.  This cigar you could happily enjoy even if you’re a non-smoker.


10. Hibiscus gin and tonic

This wonderful drink turns pink when hibiscus is added to the gin, leaving a sharp but subtle in tasting note to the palette.  Definitely one to enjoy multiple nights in a row! Also, the gin is often infused with juniper berries adding a nice sweet kick.

So here are some options recommended to you if you’re in the mood for a cocktail.  Most of them are sweet, however, they’re not overbearing and they’re tasty delights.  Of course, number one has to be the pornstar martini, everything about it screams sass.   You may not remember what you did last night and get told you did something completely out of character but it’s what cocktails are all about.  Making a fool out of yourself but loving every minute of it while you’re hammered.

Also to the men who think they can’t drink a cocktail by themselves:  Just do it, hit the f*ck it button and enjoy yourself.  Put the IPA facade away and say hello to the universe of sexy drinks!

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