The Best Charcoal Masks For A DIY Spa Night

The Best Charcoal Masks For A DIY Spa Night

Hey, we’ve all had those days when all we really, really wanted to come back home after work or uni and just… aggressively relax.

Now, aggressive relaxation is different for everyone. For some it’s watching two movies in a row with a couple of beers; for some – calling a friend they haven’t spoken to in a while; for others – making your own DIY spa night. This is mostly for them, but you’re all free to stay and listen, of course; maybe you’ll end up inviting some friends over for a realistic spa experience after it, who knows.

A spa night cannot proceed without proper skin cleansing and a face mask, and a charcoal mask is your best friend here – it combines both. Charcoal masks help your skin get rid of the additional oils and the dirt that are not letting it breathe, consequently removing the blackheads, minimizing the pores and clearing your complexion up.

So what are some of the best charcoal masks for your DIY spa night? Ordered from lowest to highest price points:

Pure-Clay Mask

Starting out with L’Oreal, the budget yet quality friends. Their Detox & Brighten Pure-Clay face mask is suitable for all skin types, and helps clear up your skin and pores with its active ingredients: charcoal and a blend of three clays.

In addition, it’s available in most drugstores – which is always convenient.

The Best Charcoal Masks For A DIY Spa Night

Himalayan Charcoal

My favourite The Body Shopah, this store is my personal heaven. Thankfully, they offer a really good charcoal face mask as well, with Himalayan charcoal as one of the ingredients, so I can list it here.

Clearing up the complexion, it helps with instant glow and clears your overall complexion; the reviews are raving, and the price point is not too bad (especially comparatively).

In addition, it’s now on discount, costing just $19.60. Run for it!

The Best Charcoal Masks For A DIY Spa Night

Luminizing Black Charcoal

Boscia’s face mask is not only not extremely mattifying, but actually happens to soften your skin up; in addition, it’s a pull-off mask, those are always more fun. And what’s better than more fun for your DIY spa night? Few things.

The skin-softening bit works in union with the pull-off quality – it becomes easier to physically remove the blackheads and sebum from your face, which is exactly what it does.

The Best Charcoal Masks For A DIY Spa Night

See Also

Love+ Charcoal

A surprisingly moisturising take on charcoal, this face mask is loaded with aloe vera and sunflower oil, while removing the impurities with charcoal and rose clay.

You thought that was it? Well, think again. To top it off, it also calms inflammation down through the white willow bark extract present in its ingredients. A true all-rounder, and it’s all-natural.

The Best Charcoal Masks For A DIY Spa Night


Glamgloware absolute beasts when it comes to charcoal masks, this one being no exception. This face mask has both charcoal and clay to intensify the absorption of the impurities – that, however, makes it not too friendly to skins that are too dry. It also works as an exfoliant and is amazing for oily skin.

The Best Charcoal Masks For A DIY Spa Night

You shouldn’t use them too often – depending on how dry your skin gets three times a week is an absolute maximum – but weekly is a good start. In addition, for combination skin, it’s often beneficial to use one type of masks on your T-zone (so, charcoal and/or clay masks, for instance), while another (moisturising) on the cheeks and chin. It all depends on how you approach skincare.

Do you use face masks often? What are your favourites? Any recommendations? Share them with us in the comments below!

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