The 10 Best Burger Restaurants In London

These are the best burger restaurants in London that you have to try out! Whether you like veggie burgers, cheeseburgers, or just a regular American burger - these are the places for you!

Dreaming of burgers again, huh? So am I! I am a huge burger fan! If I could have one food for the rest of my life it would probably be burgers. To help you out on your quest to find the best burger restaurants in London, have a look at this post! I’ve compiled a list of the best best burger places. Try them out as well and you won’t be disappointed.

1. Honest Burgers

This is easily one of the best burger restaurant in London for its simple menu and amazing rosemary chips! The burger is juicy and you can choose between four beef burgers. They also have a special burger on their menu for a limited time only, for the daring ones who want to try something different.


2. Gourmet Burger Kitchen (GBK)

GBK is one of my favourites for so many reasons! Their menu has so many options of different and unusual beef and chicken burgers to try, and they’re all delicious! What I love most – apart from the GBK Cheese & Bacon burger – is that they have an app where you can get free sides or milkshakes. You get points everytime you go, and with that app it’s easier to collect the points and have free food more often! Your points count quickly and you can use them for good food, unlike other places where you have to collect a certain amount of points to get a freebie.

3. Patty & Bun

The cheeseburger from Patty & Bun is the juiciest burger I’ve ever had. And that’s why you need to try it as well. They serve delicious cocktails as well so now you can’t refuse! They have locations everywhere in London.


4. Burger & Lobster

Who would serve lobster and burgers only? Well, this restaurant because it is THAT good! It is on the pricey side but it’s definitely worth the treat every once in a while. The lobster is good too and so is the burger!

5. Jamie’s Italian

When you hear ‘Jamie’s Italian’ your mind definitely does not think of burgers because this restaurant serves Italian cuisine. But they do have a burger choice on their menu, and yes I’ve tried it! The cheddar cheese, the pancetta and the ‘secret sauce’ work so well together, you should definitely try it.


6. Maxwell’s Bar and Grill

This place is true to its American culture. You can choose between 10 different American-style burgers. You should also definitely visit for the freakshakes! You won’t be dissapointed.


7. Sticky Fingers

As Sticky Fingers says ‘our food is designed for getting your hands dirty and face messy!’. Yep, it’s another American-style restaurant in the heart of Kensington. You should also check out their daily deals. On Wednesday’s for example, they offer unlimited wings for £17.50!!

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8. Dip and Flip

This is one of the best burger restaurants in London strictly for how amazing their burgers are. But what’s the catch? Well, you can only find them in South London. So if you live in North London, you really have to plan your trip down South. But it’s definitely a must-try; the food is really good and the burger is served with gravy on the side to dip it and then flip it and eat it!

8. Meat Liquor

This place you’ll find it everywhere! You may also stumble upon it with a different name, such as Meat Mission. They also have vegan options for your friends who follow a different diet to you.


9. Dirty Burger

No, this burger is not actually dirty. It’s just dirty good! It will definitely remind you of a casual burger place where you can chat loudly with your friends, than a reserved restaurant. Te burgers are simple but made with love.


Are you ready to head to one of these best burger restaurants in London? Let us know in the comment section below!

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