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The Best Brightening Eye Cream That Will Change Your Life

The Best Brightening Eye Cream That Will Change Your Life

Looking for the best brightening eye cream for those dark bags under your eyes? Sick of puffy and exhausted under-eyes? Here's a round-up of the optimum choices for a reasonable budget.

There’s nothing worse than being exhausted as hell, apart from the dark under-eye circles that come with it. Sometimes they are so bad, concealer (many, many layers) can’t even hide it. That’s where the best brightening eye cream comes in – that beauty product we all forget about. These eye creams will have your eyes looking bright and awake in no time.


1. The Ordinary Caffeine Solution 5%, £5.80

Dabbing a couple of drops of this product under your eyes twice a day will guarantee reduced dark circles (and puffiness if you’ve been hit with an eye double-whammy). Packed full of all the right ingredients, but for a fraction of the price of high-end eye creams, this is the perfect choice for those on a budget.



2. Vichy Aqualia Thermal Awakening Eye Balm, £11.25

Skincare God “Vichy” has pulled an eye balm out of its never-ending bag of tricks and it is hugely popular. Not only does it make your under-eyes look brighter, it hydrates them too. Expect to feel refreshed, with no stinging. In an added bonus, this eye cream works great as a primer for concealer.



3. Dr Andrew Weil for Origins Mega-Bright Dark Circle Minimiser, £32

The most expensive option on the list but also the most effective. This choice is full of vitamin C – exactly what you need to achieve bright, dewy eyes. The solution also strengthens the skin around your eyes, meaning the darkness won’t be returning.



4. Vichy Liftactiv Serum 10 Eyes and Lashes, £25

The second Vichy product worth mentioning is the Liftactiv Serum. You can apply this cream under the eyes for a hydrated, plumper and brighter look. Plus, as a best brightening eye cream, it fortifies your lashes – something you don’t get with every other cream. The formula dries ASAP too, so there’s no waiting around to do your makeup.


5. Clinique All About Eyes Eye Cream, £27.50

Wrinkles, swelling and dark circles will all be reduced if you give this item a whirl. It also doubles as an eye makeup primer, so that concealer and powder stays in place (without creasing) for the whole day.

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6. La Roche Posay Hydraphase Intense Eyes, £15

La Roche Posay is literally on every single beauty product list RN and it’s easy to see why. They make beauty items that actually work, and for mid-range prices, you don’t mind paying if you’re going to see results. This best brightening eye cream is no different. Dull and dark skin will be brought to life.


7. Clinique Pep-Start Eye Cream, £22

Clinique makes the list for a second time with this “quick-fix” treatment. If you wake up thinking, “I look like I’ve just died” this is the one for you. The product quite literally pings your eyes to life, making you look ready and way less dead, for the day.

Have you tried a best brightening eye cream? Let us know what you thought about your product of choice in the comments!

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