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The 5 Best Brands With Plus Size Swimming Costumes

The 5 Best Brands With Plus Size Swimming Costumes

If you're in the market for some ladies plus size swimming costumes, then these swimwear brands are the best to buy from! If you like bikinis, tankinis, one-pieces, and more then continue reading!

After the holidays you think you get a break, but suddenly it’s Valentine’s Day, Spring Break, and summer all over again! Time definitely flies, especially in the fashion world. You may find that a lot of stores are advertising their bathing suits, and better yet – selling out. Therefore, it’s time to hop on with the rest of the fashion train and check out these brands with the best plus size swimming costumes!

1) Forever 21

Forever 21 sells their plus size swimming costumes all year round, and have a great selection! With over 30 suits to check out, you’re sure to find the perfect one for your body type!



2) Torrid

If you’re looking for quality bathing suits for a decent price point, then this is the place to get them! Torrid is strictly made for plus sized women, and has the best fitting styles!


3) SimplyBe

With over 13 pages of plus size swimming costumes, these are the swimsuits you need in your life! The price is moderate, and the colors range all over! You’ll definitely find a swimsuit for your next vacation!



4) Zaful

Zafuls a great brand for fashionable plus size swimming costumes! They seriously have the CUTEST bathing suits! Just make sure to order them ahead of time, sometimes the shipping can take a while!

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5) Curvissa

Curvissa has hundreds of bathing suits to choose from, with all different types of styles! My only complain would be that they advertise their suites with stick thin girls – but other than that, take a look!




What did you think of these plus size swimming costumes? Let us know in the comment section below!

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