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10 Of The Best Bars In London For Students

10 Of The Best Bars In London For Students

Nothing like a bit of night (and early morning) life to enrich your student experience. Here’s a list of the 10 best clubs and the best bars in London for students that are fun and have cheap drinks!

Nothing like a bit of night (and early morning!) life to enrich your student experience. Here’s a list of the 10 best clubs and the best bars in London for students!

1. The Knights Templar, Chancery Lane

Ah, Wetherspoons, where would students be without you? The Knights Templar is, without a doubt, one of the swankiest Spoons in London. Cheap beer and chandeliers — what more could any student want?

2. Moonlighting, Soho

Although hardly the classiest bar in Soho, Moonlighting is well known and loved for its student night ‘Cheapskates’, which takes place every Wednesday. Drinks start at 90p and the music is old school electro and indie. Insanely cheap booze and retro tunes? Count me in!

3. CLF Art Cafe, Peckham

Definitely one for the creative types, this bar/cafe/warehouse/gallery is a fantastic place to spend your day and night. Hosting a wide variety of music, film and art events, the CLF has become a major hub of Peckham, but holds its own with any artsy London venue.

4. Piccadilly Institute, Piccadilly Circus

No list of best London bars would be complete without mentioning the Piccadilly Institute. If you like awesome decor and brilliant drinks, it’s unmissable — this quirky club has 7 different rooms, each with its own themed menu of cocktails. No matter where you’re at, there’s a place to suit your vibe.

5. The Zoo Bar & Club, Leicester Square

Populated by students and twentysomethings looking for a good night out, the Zoo Bar never fails to deliver. If your music tastes run to disco and house, this is a good place for you. As the Zoo is one of the most popular clubs in Leicester Square, I recommend turning up before 10pm.

6. Corsica Studios, Elephant & Castle

This award-winning warehouse club is beloved by students for the diversity of its live music. Corsica is a recipe for a good night out, with two large main rooms, a bar and a cracking atmosphere, and if you fancy an absolute bender, on Friday and Saturday nights you can party till 6am.

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7. White Post Cafe, Hackney Wick

This one is worth a visit for the hipster vibes alone! Expect live music and friendly dogs in an Instagram-worthy location. The fact that drinks are half-price between 5 and 7 makes it a good bar to get boozy in, but it’s an equally great place to grab a bite to eat and a coffee with friends.

8. Proud Camden, Camden

This may be the most original club and bar you’ve ever been to. Once a renovated 19th century horse hospital, now an art gallery by day and student nightlife hotspot after dark… and guess what? They kept the stables! These can be booked for your group on a night out — each has its own karaoke machine.

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9. The Roxy, Fitzrovia

This nightclub/basement bar is one of the best places for any student to drink in London. If you know in advance which club night you want to go to, put your name down on the guestlist for cheap entry. It’s a young crowd, which makes it perfect for mingling with other students. Widen your social circle while sampling one (read: several) of the Roxy’s excellent cocktails and boogying to a bit of indie pop.

10. Morning Gloryville

If you’re an early bird rather than a night owl, why not try Morning Gloryville? Pioneers of the morning rave movement, this 6.30am to 10.30am dancefest offers a totally different take on clubbing. There is no booze — the bar sells energising smoothies and some of the best organic coffee in London — and yoga and massage classes are run alongside the dancefloor for the most feel-good club imaginable! Tickets need to be booked in advance and the location changes; check the website for more details.

Which bars do you think are the best bars in London for students? Let us know down below!
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