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5 Of The Best Alcoholic Drinks To Start A Dorm Party

5 Of The Best Alcoholic Drinks To Start A Dorm Party

Organising a dorm party is difficult for a new student. Here are some prime examples of the alcoholic drinks you should consider serving your guests!

Let’s face it, college can be a daunting prospect for most of us fledgelings who have left the nest in pursuit of bigger things. Above all, breaking the ice with your new colleagues can be challenging. What better excuse can there be to get the liquor flowing? End the drought and host a dorm party. You can impress your peers with your alcoholic acumen and watch your stock rise amongst the rookies. Want to be the one stop-drink up spot for your fraternity/sorority? Here are the 5 best alcoholic drinks to commence a dorm party.

1. Vodka

Whether its the industrial paint stripper variety or the pricey champagne filtered nectar, Vodka remains the holy grail of any dorm celebration. It’s innocuous, hangover-friendly and readily blends into a variety of cocktails- a real hit with the ladies!

Regardless of brand, vodka is a key ingredient in most mixer recipes, and shots are a seamless way to warm up proceedings without breaking the bank while affording you respect amongst your fellows. Feel free to show off your mad dog, experiment with your Russian Scientist or flaunt that Irish Flag proudly-the possibilities are endless with vodka, the Tsar of dorm party alcoholic drinks.


2. Beer

A Staple feature of any dorm drinking session, beer is the everyday tipple that is a favourite among budget planners and stretches the extra mile when it comes to prolonging the party and setting the mood.

Lagers remain the overwhelming favourites-be sure to have Stella, Budweiser and Coors in the mix-although old style stouts and bitters, notably Guinness and John Smiths, are enjoying a renaissance in colleges at present. It makes sense to open pleasantries with these trademark alcoholic drinks.

$30 will land you a 77 pack of “Natty light” lager and the eternal gratitude of your guests-stags or hens.


3. Jägermeister

A millennial’s dream alcoholic drink, this famous German apéritif has a sharp aniseed bite that is wonderfully complemented (or compressed) when coupled with Red bull in the form of Jägerbombs.

Jägermeister is not for the light-hearted and won’t go easy on the wallet, but this drink remains a trendsetter that mellows the atmosphere and will be a common sight at frat parties where the goal is to drink oneself into delirium.

The beauty of ‘Jäger’ is its versatility- It pairs well with Rums, Gins and any type of mixers. Enjoy this drink with courage and curiosity.


4. Rum

This alcoholic drink, plucked from the shores of the Caribbean, will ensure you get noticed when that dorm party comes knocking around. Rum in itself has an acquired taste, yet it forms the basis of many popular cocktails and mix-ups and is enjoying rising popularity.

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A new form of college ‘initiation rite’ for dorm parties revolves around mixing rum and vodka with orange juice and lemonade to produce ‘Jungle Juice’: A bloody red liquor mix that is surprisingly palatable and ideal for shots.


The caveat is this will most likely provide pain (the morning after) and pleasure in equal measure. There are more sensible partners for Rum, ideally the classic Coke combo which everyone relishes. Get past the hefty price tag and this alcoholic beverage will win you plenty of hearts.

5. Gin

A lavish choice of drink to grace the party with, Gin is a sound option for those drinkers with a bit of experience who wish to push the boundaries during their dorm festivities. Fragrant and floral, the girls will be swooning and the Martinis will be flowing!

Gins come in a plethora of vibrant flavours, catering to all tastes. As far as alcoholic drinks go there is also little backlash the following day. Famous recipes to brighten up that session include the Singapore Sling or the bold Cosmopolitan-cocktails that will demonstrate wisdom beyond your years.


Thirsty work, right? What will be your go-to drink when you host your first dorm party? Let us know your choices the comments section!

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