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The Benefits Of Washing Your Hair Less

The Benefits Of Washing Your Hair Less

The benefits of washing your hair less might sound crazy at first, but you might actually be surprised of how much more doing less can do!

If you ask someone how much they wash their hair, they’ll probably tell you every day. However, more and more experts are saying that we shouldn’t was our hair everyday, especially since the idea of washing your hair every day is a relatively new concept – in the 50s and 60s, women used to wash their hair only once a week. Whilst this is a little extreme, it is recommended that you should wash your hair every 2-3 days rather than every day. These are the benefits of washing your hair less.

Your Hair Will Be Less Dry And Brittle

Your scalp naturally produces oils called sebum. This sebum actually hydrates your hair, if left alone on your head. Washing your hair every day removes this natural oil, meaning that it cannot nourish your hair in the wash that it’s meant to. Washing your hair less will allow this oil to be distributed through your hair, making it super soft, naturally.


Your Hair Won’t Get As Greasy

If you wash your hair every day because of how greasy it gets, this may not make sense to you. However, if you strip your hair of its natural sebum every day, the gland in your scalp will actually over-produce sebum to counteract the fact that this oil is being taken away. So, when you stop washing your hair every day, your scalp will produce less sebum, meaning your hair will get less greasy.

Your Curls Will Be More Defined And Softer

If your hair is curly, your hair may be more dry as your natural oils don’t travel that easily from the roots to the ends. If you wash your hair less, and massage your natural hair oils down from your scalp to the ends of your hair, this will make your curls softer, more hydrated and more defined. To spread your natural oils throughout your hair, massage your scalp then comg the oils through your hair with your fingers.


Your Hair Will Be Shinier

Sebum is supposed to nourish the hair, so if you comb it through your hair rather than washing it away, this means it can do its job and hydrate your hair. Letting your hair be renewed by its own oils by washing your hair less will make your hair super lustrous and shiny. This is one of the benefits of washing your hair less that you’ll love.

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Your Hair Colour Will Last Longer And Look Better

It’s fairly obvious that one of the benefits of washing your hair less is that it will make any colour you put on your hair last longer, but washing it less will also make this colour look better. The reason why your hair colour will look better is as when you wash your hair, you not only get rid of the colour but you make it duller too. Washing your hair less will help your dyed colour keep its vibrancy.


You’ll Get More Morning Time

This is just an added bonus for people who are avid morning-washers – if you are only washing your body, rather than your body and your hair, this will take less time, plus you do not need to worry about drying, or styling your hair. This means you can either catch a bit more well-earned sleep, or use this time to style your hair or do your makeup instead. This small bonus will go a long way when you add up the minutes you’ve saved over the year!

How often do you wash your hair? What do you think are some of the benefits of washing your hair less? Let us know in the comments!
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