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The Benefits Of Therapy And Why You Should Try It

The Benefits Of Therapy And Why You Should Try It

These benefits of therapy will help you understand the importance that is placed within therepy. It teaches you things about yourself that you never knew.

Everyone needs someone they trust to talk to. This could be a family member or a partner or a friend. But sometimes you just need an extra little push from someone more professionally equipped to handle your problems. I began to feel this need for someone around two years ago, but I remained in denial up until a few months ago. Once I finally admitted it and sought the help I needed, things have only started looking up for me. I started therapy and have been reaping its benefits. Here are the benefits of therapy and why you should give it a try too.

1) You have someone who will listen to you and never judge you

Family and friends are well-meaning and loving. But when you’re at your lowest, their advice – meant to helpful- may come across judgemental and biased. And they may also not always be around for you- because of their own priorities in life- when you need them. But at therapy, you suddenly have someone who is well-equipped and trained to handle you. A statement that may have offended you coming from a family member or friend, feels like the most sensible thing coming from the measured voice of reason of a professional. You feel secure and understood at therapy.

2) You feel like a weight has been lifted from your shoulders

When you’re low you often feel like the weight of the entire world rests on your steadily weakening shoulders. Talking about it helps. But more often than not, people prefer not to talk or complain about their problems for a fear of coming across whiny or ungrateful. I know I’ve always kept my problems and hurt feelings to myself. And this has helped no one. But therapy provides a safe space for you vent your most unreasonable thoughts and feelings. Because you’re not judged, talking about everything that has been bothering feels amazing. From unleashing a torrent of pent-up emotions, you suddenly feel like a pressing weight has been lifted off.


3) It is a phase of self-learning in your life

Therapy often comes with a negative connotation. You take it up only because there’s something wrong with you. But contrary to that stereotype, therapy is an amazing journey of self-reflection, self-compassion and learning. You often think you know yourself best, but therapy gives you the opportunity to peel back layers and discover new sides of you. Through therapy, you learn to gain control of your own emotions and thoughts and transform into a better version of yourself.

4) It teaches you to love yourself

The benefits of therapy help show how to not be hard on yourself. People are often their own harshest critic. It becomes the norm to criticise and see the worst in yourself. Therapy teaches you to hone your positives and accept your negatives, to be the best you can be in spite of your flaws. It teaches us the valuable lesson of self-love.

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5) You learn to be calm during tough times

Through activities such as relaxation therapy, mindfulness and maintaining thought diaries, therapy teaches you to live in the moment. When hard times come calling, you suddenly find yourself equipped with the skills to remain calm and go with the flow. When that moment finally passes, you’re left feeling fulfilled and serene.

6) Failure is only another lesson

Therapy is all about lessons learned. Things said in therapy are often easier said than done. So if you fail the first time, it’s perfectly alright. You keep learning and growing and moving forward. A failure only means another chance to try and it’s a liberating feeling knowing that failure doesn’t actually mean failure. It’s just another lesson in the journey of the benefits of therapy.

What are your greatest benefits of therapy? Let us know in the comments below.

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