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The Beauty And Fashion Books And Magazines You Need In Your Home

Beauty and Fashion books and magazines are a great thing to have stockpiled in your home. They come in handy as a great source of inspiration for anything Fashion and Beauty related, and also make for a great bookshelf filler! Such books and magazines can also be a good source of reference and creative inspiration in regards to anything Beauty or Fashion based. Also, they make for a great page-turner, a source of entertainment and will always have guests flicking through the pages of the magazines. With that being said, we’ve recommended some of the best Beauty and Fashion books and magazines to keep in your home on your coffee table.

Vogue Magazine (Monthly Editions)

Vogue magazine is arguably one of the world’s most famous and recognizable Magazine titles. It’s produced in most countries in the world and offers top expert advice and knowledge concerning Fashion (primarily), but Beauty, Culture and Lifestyle too. The pages in a Vogue edition are always smooth and shiny, giving it a quality feel. The picture quality is always sharp and rich – making this magazine a great read visually as well as editorially. Each monthly edition always showcases a Celebrity on their cover, keeping it fresh and eagerly anticipated each month for all of their readers.

Elle Magazine (Monthly Editions)

Elle magazine is another great Fashion and Beauty magazine publication. Similar to Vogue, it’s published in most countries across the world and offers advice primarily about Fashion, but also on Culture, Lifestyle, Beauty, Celebrities and Health & Fitness. Like Vogue, Elle magazine often features major Celebrities on their front covers. Elle is a beautiful magazine to flick through, should you choose not to read any content. Similar to Vogue, Elle also showcases a cover star on each new issue that comes out – keeping the publication fresh and exciting. Elle is always a brightly coloured magazine that has lots of glossy, shiny editorial pages as well as lots of tips and tricks about all things fashion, with the occasional sprinkle of beauty and other lifestyle topics.

The End of Fashion (How Marketing Changed the Clothing Business Forever) by Teri Agins

This book is a fantastic read if you’re interested in learning about the business aspect of Fashion. The author, Teri Agins is a Wall Street Journal reporter and explores and discusses all aspects of a Fashion business. From manufacturing to retailing to financing and image making, Agins unravels and discusses some of the marketing components to having a successful Fashion business. A great book to read should you want to understand the business and economic side of Fashion. It’s also a great book recommendation for Marketing students who have a particular interest in the creative businesses – the book explores step-by-step the changes that occurred within Fashion that redefined the industry forever.

See Also

Understanding Fashion History by Valerie Cumming

This book is popular amongst Fashion students, curators, and academics and with general readers who want context for the contemporary obsession with Fashion. The book introduces the reader to the ways fashionable dress has been studied and defines since the late 17th century. A great theory based book with lots of interesting facts and stories about the evolution and changes in Fashion history.

Can you recommend any other Beauty or Fashion books and magazines that are worth keeping in your home on your coffee table? Comment and let us know.

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