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The ASOS Crotchless Jeans That Have The Internet Buzzing

The ASOS Crotchless Jeans That Have The Internet Buzzing

Holy sh*t – this has to be the most outrageous fashion trend I’ve seen since … probably ever; the ASOS crotchless jeans. While younger girls have been seen wearing skimpier outfits and less clothing as time goes on, these ASOS crotchless jeans really crack me up. Describing them as bizarre trousers doesn’t even do these jeans justice; they’re flat out rubbish. You can’t even categorize these crotchless jeans as avant-garde. However, that’s not the most ridiculous thing about these jeans; perhaps it’s fact that they are being sold for £75 (that’s $119); how that is humanly possible considering there is minimal material.  

ASOS Crotchless Jeans Rundown

Thanks to British brand The Ragged Priest, these crotchless jeans are trending everywhere. Images of the ASOS crotchless jeans have gone viral and to say ASOS is taking a piss on what fashion is might be an understatement. The crotchless jeans literally look like Kim Kardashian’s thigh high denim boots held up by trashy stripper hardware (no disrespect to strippers, you keep doing you), and then harnessed to an uneven denim skirt you’d only witness in movies like Coyote Ugly. Don’t believe me? Look at the photos. Someone please explain to me who in the right mind would buy these fugy ASOS crotchless jeans.

WTF Ragged Priest

I think the better question is why Ragged Priest thought these were remotely fashionable. The man’s not hot and neither are these jeans! People are considering them to be ‘hot-right-now denim.’ How about, no. You couldn’t make these ASOS crotchless jeans look good unless both eyes were closed and you could un-see what you’ve seen. No beanie, jacket, pair of booties or accessory could make crotchless things a thing. However, I will say the good news that has come out of ASOS crotchless jeans are the hysterical tweets. It’s nice to see we aren’t the only ones who think these ugly jeans… if you even can call these things jeans. Take a look at some of the hysterical ASOS crotchless jeans tweets.

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