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The Art Of Not Giving A Shit

The Art Of Not Giving A Shit

Not giving a shit can be a hard thing to do at times when you're prone to overthinking. But there are ways to stop caring so much.

Anyone who knows me personally will know I don’t give a shit about much and honestly it’s a healthy way of living. Staying away from gossip and stress about life leaves you more time to live and enjoy life, and the best part is it’s so easy to do. Think of this as a step by step guide to not giving a shit about all those things you know you shouldn’t care about.

Step 1: Is it really that deep?

Ask yourself if the situation is really as bad as it seems, are you blowing it out of proportion? This is the most important thing because if you’re up at 3 am overthinking something it might be something you don’t even have to worry about had you though about it at 3 pm.

The Art Of Not Giving A Shit


Step 2: Will it affect you?

Sometimes we think about things that have no affect on us, if you stop blowing things out of proportion and asking yourself if it really matters to you then you might find out that the thing you’ve been stressing about will not even affect you a little bit. If it’s something that won’t change your life then you should think about other things that will change your life, this will contribute to a healthier mind set.

Step 3: Is it worth stressing about?

One thing to bring you closer to not giving a shit is asking yourself if the thing is even worth your time. You can spend hours and hours, losing sleep and day dreaming about something that isn’t even that important in the grand scheme of things, instead you could be catching up on Netflix shows, reading a good book with hot chocolate or finding a new hobby.

Step 4: Will you think about it 10 years from now?

This is a great tool to use all the time, imagine yourself in 10 years and where you want to be, if this little thing doesn’t impact that then you shouldn’t be stressing about it. Make your goal in life to be that person you see yourself being in 10 years and that should drive you to do anything you really want and to not give a shit about every inconvenient thing.


The Art Of Not Giving A Shit


Step 5: Forget about it!

I can’t stress this one enough, sometimes you just have to move on and forget about the crappy little things that can have the power to stress you out. The things you need to forget most are the ones you can’t change because there’s no point, you just have to move on. Forgetting about bad situations and the past is hard but it will definitely help you stop caring and giving a shit.

Even though these may seem hard to follow at first they become easier the less you care and soon enough you don’t even have to think about stressing about things and you can just have fun doing what makes you happy.

What are your tips for not giving a shit? Tell us in the comments!
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