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10 That’s So Raven Quotes That Are Still Iconic

10 That’s So Raven Quotes That Are Still Iconic

10 That's So Raven Quotes That Are Still Iconic

Arguably, the 1990s and early 2000s produced some of the greatest sitcoms, especially children’s and teen sitcoms of all time. Think Boy Meets World, All That, Lizzie McGuire, The Amanda Show, Drake and Josh, The Suite Life of Zack and Cody, Hannah Montana and of course, That’s So Raven.

And even though That’s So Raven ended more than thirteen years ago, there are still some classic Raven quotes from the show that have stayed iconic and hilarious over a decade later. And we’ve compiled a list of 10 quotes from That’s So Raven that are still just as iconic now as they were during the show’s run.

1. That’s My Jam! 

Raven was well known for her excitement and love for her favourite singers, rappers and boy bands (let’s not forget the ever-iconic Boyz N Motion okay). And whenever her favourite song from an artist plays on the radio, Raven has to stop what she’s doing and dance her heart out to her ‘jam’. As can be seen here when Raven turns on the music channel to dance to what can only be described as a remixed version of Beyonce’s popular 2000s hit, Crazy in Love.

10 That's So Raven Quotes That Are Still Iconic

2. Put That In Your Magazine

One of the most significant episodes of the series was ‘That’s So Not Raven’ from season two. The episode dealt with Raven having trouble accepting her size and weight when blatantly told by a fashion show manager that she did not have ‘the look.’ The ‘look’ refers to the ideal size and weight of a professional female model.

Heartbroken, Raven tries her hardest to fit into the ideal size so she can model her dress, but cannot make the change so fast. She shows up to the fashion show proud and happy with her body, declaring that people come in all shapes and sizes and ‘they’re all beautiful’. Body positivity wins!

10 That's So Raven Quotes That Are Still Iconic

3. Do You Carry A Lunchbox?

Okay, this has to be part of any That’s So Raven list, and that’s a fact. In this episode, Raven poses as ‘Liz Anya’ with her two posse members (Eddie and Chelsea) and they establish themselves as celebrities to voice that Victor, Raven’s dad, should be hired back into the restaurant. Chelsea dramatically yelling ‘Do you carry a lunchbox?’ was perhaps one of the most iconic lines of the show and was recreated recently in the That’s So Raven spinoff series, Raven’s Home.

10 That's So Raven Quotes That Are Still Iconic

4. Freeze Suckas!

Raven, Chelsea, and Eddie get themselves into some hilarious situations to save themselves or their friends and family and more often than not will put on some iconic disguises so that they will not be recognised. As is the case here in the episode ‘He’s Got The Power’, where in order to save Eddie from getting beaten up by gambler Sunny, Raven and Chelsea dress up as cops from the 1970s and threaten to take him to jail!

10 That's So Raven Quotes That Are Still Iconic

5. I’m Giving You A Really Dirty Look Right Now

Eddie was great at throwing shade and sass towards the other characters of the show, and let’s face it the whole cast had this skill down cold. After Eddie finally makes a date with his crush, an uninvited pimple shows up on his skin, causing panic for him and Raven to think up creative ways to dismantle the beast. Raven and her family try ice, bandaids, and soon they try a thick face mask, which causes Victor to laugh and make fun of the feminine look on Eddie’s face. Poor Eddie!

10 That's So Raven Lines That Are Still Iconic

6. I Almost Ate Something Healthy!

We all know that Raven’s loves her food, especially being the daughter of Victor Baxter, the chef at the restaurant we all wanted to go to, The Chill Grill. Her best friend Chelsea however, eats healthily: a proud vegetarian and animal rights activist. When Raven and Chelsea receive their order at the Chill Grill, their burgers get switched and Chelsea accidentally eats meat and Raven almost eats the veggie burger! The tables have turned for poor Rae!

10 That's So Raven Quotes That Are Still Iconic

7. Hate Her

In the first season of That’s So Raven, Raven and Chelsea target their hatred towards a few girls within their school, usually because these girls are always mean and nasty to our female leads. From snooty school paper journalists, competitive drama students and just plain mean bullies, Raven and Chelsea share their hatred and whisper to each other for comfort.

10 That's So Raven Quotes That Are Still Iconic

8. Oh, Snap!

One of Raven’s most iconic lines. Raven screams out ‘oh snap’ frequently throughout the show whenever she’s gotten herself into a messy situation or is faced with some hilarious danger. Even though she gets herself caught up within these scenarios all by herself, hey, that’s Raven.

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10 That's So Raven Quotes That Are Still Iconic

8. Cry Cry, The End

High schools all over the world study William Shakespeare’s work and Bayside High is no different. When Raven’s mother Tanya is enlisted as the English substitute for a week, she calls upon her daughter to explain the plot of Shakespeare’s classic play, Romeo and Juliet. Incredibly embarrassed in front of her classmates, we receive a brilliant summary from Raven, and to be honest we don’t think we need much more information on that tragedy!

10 That's So Raven Quotes That Are Still Iconic

9. Hand Up Know, Hand Down Don’t

We all have that one teacher who calls upon those poor students who do not put their hands up to answer a question. Sometimes, it’s a practice teachers like to play in the classroom in order to involve all students equally within the discussion.

Other times, they simply want to antagonise their students to embarrass them or encourage them to study harder. Here, Raven explains the practice of a student putting their hand up to set her mean teacher straight. We wish we had Raven’s confidence!

10 That's So Raven Quotes That Are Still Iconic

10. Ya Nasty!

We couldn’t compile a list of our favourite That’s So Raven quotes without including Raven’s most iconic lines. And truly, we don’t think anyone can replicate the drama and hilarity of saying these words better than Raven.

10 That's So Raven Quotes That Are Still Iconic

What is your favourite That’s So Raven quote? Share it with us in the comments down below!

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