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10 Telltale Signs Of A Bad Relationship

10 Telltale Signs Of A Bad Relationship

Relationships often start out in the honeymoon phase, which can cloud your judgement when it comes to your partners character. Make sure you pay attention to any signs of a bad relationship to make sure you're in the healthiest situation for you!

Being in a relationship can sometimes feel like everything’s perfect — including the character of the person that you are dating. You begin to see beyond their imperfections and flaws. Thus, in a world that may feel scary and lonely to others at times, it may feel like all the stars have aligned in your personal universe. However, this can blur the realities you and your partner are living in. Despite the fact that there are positive and negative aspects of every relationship and things may seem a normality for a couple, there are some telltale signs of a bad relationship. And if you’re already wondering that yours might be floating somewhere along these lines, there’s a high chance you may be right.

1. You’re Almost Never a Priority

What is your partner’s main priority? Are they spending enough time with you doing the things you both love doing together? Relationships are not exactly the same fairytales we grew up watching in movies, so it’s important to acknowledge situations that may be diminishing the once-found-joy of your relationship. This is one vital sign to consider, as harmonious relationships exist when both partners’ needs and wants are met.


2. Your Family Shows Skepticism

Although their skepticism may be caused by various reasons, it is definitely worth taking into consideration. They may notice certain aspects of your relationship that you consciously or unconsciously may be neglecting.

3. Your Partner is Ignoring Your Problems

If you’re in a tough situation, and your partner’s usual answer is “everything will be alright” without any further effort to help or advise whatsoever, it’s time to re-evaluate their commitment to your struggles.

4. You Often Feel Like an Outsider

If your relationship appears unfamiliar to you at times, this may be an issue of poor communication, or simply of a lack of trust between you two. This is something that can be improved, but, if you feel like your efforts and commitment to your relationship are not reciprocal, this may be a sign that it’s adequate to redefine the place you hold in your partner’s life.


5. You’re Not Happy

Happiness is vital for a healthy relationship. If there’s no joy or happiness in being with the person you’re with, then what’s the point? Your happiness should be on top of your list and surrounding yourself with people who give you happiness is a fundamental facet of achieving that.

6. Your Partner Doesn’t Spend Enough Time Making Plans With You

This relates back to the first sign. In a relationship, it is important to spend a sufficient amount of time making plans together and working towards mutual goals. If you both lead busy lives at work you may need to work twice as hard at this. Time spent together is essential.

7. They Are Overly Jealous

Jealousy is not always a good thing coming from your partner, especially if it’s negatively affecting your existing social relationships with other people such as close friends or work colleagues.


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8. They Never Pay

It is truly awkward when you’re out for dinner having the best time ever, and you always end up being the one who’s paying the bill. This can be a sign that they are being totally inconsiderate to you.


9. Signs of Controlling Behaviour

There are telltale signs of a bad relationship, and there are telltale signs of an abusive relationship. If your partner is continuously trying to control you, it’s time to put a stop to it. No relationship is conflict-free, but it should never include one’s isolation as part of it.

10. Disrespectful Behaviour

Pay attention to if your partner says things that are hurtful and completely disrespectful to you. This is a sign that the relationship you’re in is not good for you.


There are no perfect relationships. It’s important to ensure that your relationship is not causing you to feel unwanted, dissatisfied or uncomfortable in any way. This is one simple guide to signs of a bad relationship.

Do you know any other signs of a bad relationship? Let us know in the comments below!
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