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15 Teenage Relationship Problems Everyone Runs Into

15 Teenage Relationship Problems Everyone Runs Into

Here are a few common teenage relationship problems and why their such issues. Everyone goes through atleast some of these stages at some point.

Teenage relationships are a time of experimenting and exploring and they give people a sense of knowledge. However, the teenage relationship problems that occur aren’t necessarily restricted to teenagers.

1. Boredom

Teenagers get bored. It’s a common fact it’s how menacing acts of minor crime occur. However, everyone can get bored in a relationship. Maybe the spark has disappeared or maybe you realise you haven’t actually got that much in common. Things change, and boredom comes. If it does, move on!

2. Jealousy

In school, you might be jealous of the popular girl for her confidence and swagger. Nowadays it could be someone else’s looks or their intelligence. Jealousy usually ends teenage relationships, but in grow up relationships, it’s something you can work on and fix.


3. Questioning Sexuality

With teenage relationship problems, realising who you are and who you love is a very big deal. However, some people don’t realise it young. When you’re in a teenage relationship and your partner questions themselves, it’s okay and good people they’re finding yourself. When your partner is a bit older, people get more agitated and hurt. They can claim lying or misunderstanding, but you are who you are and that’s okay.

4. Unrequited Love

Fancying someone who didn’t fancy you back was a huge deal when you were 15. Now you might shrug it off and pretend it’s nothing. But liking someone who doesn’t like you back can still hurt. Just because you’re an adult doesn’t mean you don’t have the same urges and wants as you did when you were a teenager. If you like someone, go for it. If they reject you at least you know and don’t have to spend your time wondering what if.

5. Friends Interfering

When you’re young, your friends are your life and they know every aspect of your life. They tell you about their love interests and you tell them about yours. They give you advice and can sometimes sway your own opinions of someone. This could mean that you lose someone you cared about because your friends didn’t approve. Unfortunately, this can still happen, however it can have a much more detrimental affect on your life. You can lose your friends or the partner or both if you don’t act perfectly. When you’re an adult it’s a lot less easy to just hug and make up.


6. Communication

Communication is a key part of any relationship. Without it, relationships often fail. People don’t talk and don’t get what they want out of the relationship they are in. In teenage relationships, the people usually break up before they have a chance to fix it. In adult relationships, you can fix it. You do just have to communicate.

7. Lack of Parental Support

When you’re 14 your mum and dad might not think you’re ready for a relationship and might tell you not to date the person. However, you won’t listen, and you’ll feel super naughty seeing the person anyway. When you’re an adult, your parents might disagree with your partner for an array of reasons.  Despite this, you will probably still see them but might actually listen to your parents and hear what they’re saying. But your life is your life and you might as well live it how you would like.

8. Growing Up

As a teenager, you have to face some massive changes in your life. These include moving college or moving to university or simply moving out. Everyone’s lives change when they’re teenagers and similarly, when people are in their early 20s life can change again. When you’re younger, it doesn’t seem as hard to say goodbye. But if you’ve been through some adult situations then maybe growing up and moving on away from your partner will be harder.


9. Cheating

One of the biggest teenage relationship problems is cheating. This happens and no matter what age you are it is crap. Young people don’t always know what they want but that is not an excuse. If someone cheats on you, you should leave.  

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10. Fancying Someone You Think You Shouldn’t

When you’re in school there are cliques, you might be part of and other cliques that you shouldn’t associate with. As a young person you stick to these cliques and can feel embarrassed by wanting to date someone else. Your friends might laugh and disrespect you for your choses. When you’re a little bit more grown up, you’ve got more choice and can more out of your groups cliques, enjoy the freedom and experience new people.


11. Fancying Your Best Friend’s Boyfriend

When you’re in school, this would cause a rift within all of your friends. It would ruin friendship groups and mean you can’t hang out with certain people. When you’re grown up, hopefully your maturity will have changed and you will feel confident enough to talk to your friend and sort yourselves out.

12. Being Humiliated On Social Media

As a teenager, social media is a new thing. You can use it to talk to friends, meet new people and explore the world through a phone. Despite this, social media on  teenage relationship problems can have a dark side. People can take your life into their hands on social media and can post nasty things without you ever knowing it was them. Social media can show the dark side of people anc an could be the downfall of any relationship.  

13. Aspects Of Their Anatomy That Don’t Live up To Expectations

As a teenager you might not have much experience in this area. Despite this, you might have watched pornography or seen perfectly sculpted bodies on television shows such as Love Island. Most of the human race doesn’t look like that, and that is what makes us perfect. This could be a shock to lots of people when bits of your partner don’t quite look like what you were expecting. These teenage relationship problems can come from previous experiences or from seeing unrealistic examples of humans on TV.


14. Having A ‘Thing’ For Your Teacher

Teenagers fancying their teachers is so very common. They might be that history teacher with the nice smile and the good bum. Or maybe that maths teacher who manages to make fractions irresistible. Either way, when you’re in school it’s usually harmless. It can be heart breaking, but nothing usually comes of it. When you’re an adult, if you fancy your lecturer or seminar leader there could be dire results for you. A little fancying is okay, but as an adult there is no reason why you can’t see your teacher; and that’s a little worrying.

IF you can think of any other teenage relationship problems that everyone runs into, let us know!

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