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8 Ted Talks You Need To Hear Before You Apply For Jobs

8 Ted Talks You Need To Hear Before You Apply For Jobs


TED Talks are helpful and informative lectures to the curious student. There are loads of speakers that can give useful tips and hints about the working world and how to excel in your job search. They give motivational advice, educate and enlighten you on issues, or shortcuts that you didn’t even know existed! Below are some helpful talks on the job market to aid you and change your mindset in your job search.

1. Ashanti Johnson: The power of visualisation

This is one of the TED talks that will be sure to start you off. Ashanti Johnson talks about making your dream a reality and how visualising your desired future is necessary for getting that much closer to achieving success. All this as she explains how her vision made her dream job become a reality in her fitness work.


2. Angela Lee Duckworth: Grit, the power of passion and perseverance

Angela Lee Duckworth is a psychologist who focuses character development. Duckworth, through explaining various life situations and examples in this TED talk, stresses the point that failure is often crucial and may in fact be the key to success. According to her, having grit is a predictor of success. In other words, staying determined will get you far.

3. Scott Dinsmore: How to find and do work you love

This is one of the more in-depth TED talks as Dinsmore guides you through how to go about finding work that you will love. He suggests some useful tools and frameworks to help you find your best skills and help you find out what job you could excel in.

4. Alain de Botton: A kinder, gentler philosophy of success

British philosopher and author, Alain de Botton explores our take on success and failure, particularly in terms of the careers we are in. As one of the more comical TED talks, this presentation will help you choose whether you are focusing your energies in the right places and how to find what work will make you happy.


5. Tailor Sharot: The optimism bias

Tailor Sharot poses the idea that being more optimistic about situations means that you have a better chance of success in that situation. In short, being more optimistic about your job applications will encourage you to pay more attention to the attributes that you promote on your CV, which will be communicated to the hiring manager.


6. Jason Shen: Looking for a job? Highlight your ability, not your experience

In this TED talk, Jason Shen gives some insight on the importance of ability over qualifications. In fact, he himself studied biology but later became a product manager at a tech company. He talks about how to get ahead when applying to jobs, such as demonstrating your skills, instead of waiting for the employer to ask, and being aware of where you fit in.

7. Kavi Guppta: The remote work revolution

Guppta gives some advice for those who want to go into remote work as a viable solution to bring jobs to you. This field of work is rapidly becoming popular, and so Guppta emphasises that it is a good way to help earn a living for job seekers who want flexibility.


8. Richard St. John: 8 secrets of success

If you want answers to being successful right now, then this is one of the TED talks for you. Richard St. John gives a quick guide on how to achieve what you want after collating answers from a number of entrepreneurs over the last 50 years.

Which TED talks do you suggest? Tell us in the comments!

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