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15 Tattoo Styles For Every Type Of Person

15 Tattoo Styles For Every Type Of Person

15 Tattoo Styles For Every Type Of Person

There are all sorts of tattoo styles out there to suit everyone but sometimes you just need a bunch of ideas to get you going. Every one has a different style and different preferences for tattoos but with the amazing beauty and allure of all the styles out there, it’s hard to pick what suits you. Here are our top picks for tattoo styles to suit a variety of people. 

1. The Traditional One

You can’t start this list off without the lover of classic tattoo styles. If you’ve always idolised people with tattoos with the dragons or animals, then you probably already want to cover your arms or back. You know exactly what you want and are willing to pay the buck and pain to get it. Tattoos are slowly drifting away from the stereotype of a gangster so no matter what kind of career or person you are, sleeves and back tattoos are timeless.

2. The Artist

If you’re an appreciator of classical art or movies, there are plenty of tattoo styles that can mimic favourite art pieces and movie scenes that are a great addition to your personality. 


3. The Stargazer

If you’re the girl who loves her messy buns, her stationary, making sure everything is always neat and tidy, the girly girl of the group, then these are the tattoo styles for you. You probably don’t want a tattoo that stands out too much, something delicate, yet still shows your personality. For that reason, the best tattoos are small ones around your wrist area or ankles. The perfect tattoo styles that can be seen through a peek of a sleeve aren’t too distracting in the long term so you won’t get sick of it. These types are tattoos are usually your astrology sign, simple shapes, or flowers.

4. The Minimalist

If you’re the feminine girl who’s into simple colours and patterns, you probably want tattoo styles that remain everlasting yet artsy enough for the current you. Line tattoos are increasingly gaining recognition and becoming classic. The lines can either mimic faces, shapes, or artistically placed to add meaning.

5. The Dreamer

If you’re the one with the crazy hair colours, the one in overalls and plaid shirts, you definitely want something fun to paint your skin. You know you love art enough to want it on your body but sometimes it’s hard to figure out how. Fun tattoo styles are splashes of watercolour or bright colours that mimic everlasting paint streaks on your skin.


6. The Soulmate

If you’ve always been a subtle person who just wants to memorialise your partner or loved ones on you forever, you can never go wrong with getting their birth dates as a tattoo. Roman numerals are lovely tattoo styles that really personalise the look just for you. If you want to make it more special, it all comes down to placement. The back of your elbow or the inner arm are always great locations for them but really anywhere is nice.

7. The Musician

If you’re a big lover of music, especially in cases where the artist has changed your life with a couple lyrics, it’s always sweet to get them printed onto your body. Whether it’s subtle as a picture of what the lyrics mean or the actual lyrics across your body, they’re something that means something important to you.

8. The Child at Heart

Whether it’s a current adoration or a childhood love, if you at some point loved cartoons, whether it’s Disney movies, anime, Marvel characters, or childhood cartoons, why not let the memory remain on your body? Don’t let the crowd tell you it’s too childish, it’s a part of who you are now and that says more than enough!


9. The Surrealist

If you’re someone who loves horror movies, conspiracies and eternally seeking the next big shock, there are plenty of types of tattoos that will keep you pondering. In order to make sure you don’t scare everyone you bump into, surreal tattoos are great. They take ordinary objects that add enough personality that keeps you curious the longer you look.

10. The Bold Type

If your style is usually more on the bolder side, always choosing that darker lipstick with the leather jackets, you’ve got to get tattoos to match. Whether it’s roses that cover your arms or the moon cycles, these tattoo styles add that bit extra to your body to match your confidence.

11. The Cutesy Type

Another type of bold tattoo styles are for the lovers of pink. The bigger, the brighter, the better. You’re not afraid to paint your room pink and cover it in lace. This is for the one that remains a girl inside forever. You’re probably going to be old and still rocking that pink here.

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12. The Animal Lover

Whether you have a beloved pet or always the one on the next big hike to see the world, animals like whales, tigers, or even puppies are beautiful and timeless. Tattoo styles that involve animals are there to remind you the world is insanely big and precious and sometimes animals are the ones that make everything worth it.

13. The Traveler

If you’re a lover of foreign cuisines, adventure and travelling, there are plenty of tattoo styles that will keep those memories eternal. It can be the famous landmarks or a small memory that remains special to you, tattoos are a beautiful way to remind you of your happy places.


14. The Retro Gal

If you love the past more the present and always riding that nostalgia, retro tattoo styles are a lovely reminder to when life was great. If you’re a 90s kid and live for bright patterns and lo-fi beats, retro tattoos can bring that deja vu back into your life on the regular. You would prefer to remain different and don’t mind a tattoo that is bigger and brighter. 

15. The Quirky One

If you’re always someone who loves to surprise their friends, or keep things fun, small scattered tattoos in random locations are always cute. The tattoo styles miscellaneous pictures in different locations that ultimately pulls off an entirely unique look. Some recommended styles could be scattered flowers, fruit, and so on. Tattoos don’t always need to mean something!


Whether you came here considering a tattoo already, have never considered one before or had no idea what you wanted, I hope you found an idea that helped! Let me know what your first tattoo would be (or what your first tattoo already is) in the comments below!

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