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10 Tattoo Artists You Should Be Following On Instagram

10 Tattoo Artists You Should Be Following On Instagram

These tattoo artists on Instagram show off some of their best ink work and you definitely need to be following them because of it!

Whether you want a tattoo, are looking for good inspiration or just love stalking some different pages to what you normally follow, tattoo artists are some of the most inspiring people to follow on Instagram. There is so much inspiration for finding a tattoo, especially if you’re someone that’s new to the tattoo world, black/white/colour, as well as traditional/neotraditional or different cultural inspirations! There are hundred of pieces of art on people’s bodies out there, which means there are hundreds of pages over Instagram for tattoo artists, but these are 10 tattoo artists you should be following!


Instagram: @thekatvond

Where: High Voltage Tattoo: West Hollywood


Kat Von D is an icon in the tattooist’s world, she is famous not only for the TV programme ‘LA Ink’ but also her style, makeup brand and own personal tattoos. Her tattoo style is mainly black and white, portraits, linework, anything she creates is a work of art. Her instagram incorporates her own tattoos as well as her personal life with her husband @prayers (Leafar Seyer) and her pregnancy with her first child. Even her photos of her cat Piaf and Nietzsche, will have you wanting a hairless cat! She is definitely an inspiration to be following on Instagram, not only will she inspire your tattoo collection, but also your own personal style, home style, and wedding inspiration as well.


Instagram: @hannahpixiesnow

Where: Black Sabbath Tattoo Studios & guest tattooist around the world


Vegan, philanthropist and all round giver to the Earth, Hannah Pixie Snow will inspire you tattoo inspiration as well as your lifestyle choices. Her instagram is full of her travels, her clothing brand, her artwork and also her dog, Dylan. Her girly florals and ‘magick’ artwork will inspire those who like to have bold tattoos with a feminine edge. She is not scared of pushing the boundaries and tattoos people from all walks of life. Her instagram is her travel journal and will inspire you daily with new sights, artwork and cute dogs!


Instagram: @rebecca_vincent_tattoo

Where: Parliament Tattoo, North London


Ducks, birds, butterflies and pandas. Rebecca takes the feminine and innocent and makes it bold, fierce and passionate. Not only tattooing, Rebecca also takes her design ideas to merchandise to raise money for charity, the most recent raising money for Cavendish Cancer Care with her fellow tattoo artist Tom Newell (@tomjnewell) in partnership with DropDead. Her tattoos range from tiny and delicate to large and powerful, definitely a tattoo artist worth following on Instagram!


Instagram: @jayrosetattoo

Where: Dharma Tattoo London


Young and fresh, Jay’s tattoos are bold, feminine and beautiful. Big floral pieces, dainty leaves and bees are Jay’s forte. Her instagram exhibits her work as well as her travels around London and abroad. Her Instagram is a good place to look for inspiration for shoulder pieces/backwork and sleeves of black thick lined ink. Her Instagram also advocates her love for self care, pushing your own boundaries and expectations for your creative work and being the person you want to be!


Instagram: @j.h.ditchfield

Where: Wonderland Studios, Blackpool


New to the scene, a tattoo apprentice that is making his name known. Making a feature of his intricate line work, delicate skulls and animals, Ditchfield is promoting himself through his personal Instagram. He hosts his flash tattoo offers, new designs and creative work in progress. Ditchfield is a good follow for those that are interested in tattooing others, learning the trade of tattooing or just looking for a fun piece that’s full of creativity.


Instagram: @thomas_cardiff

Where: Royal Ink, Leamington Spa


Thomas Cardiff is a local legend within Leamington Spa, Warwickshire. His creative designs, large scale pieces and intricate nature of tattooing have earnt him a reputation not just within Leamington but around the country. His creativity doesn’t just stop with tattoos, he personally engraves perspex with designs to make the most bespoke merchandise possible, as well as creating designs on items of comme des garcons. His books are full with spaces being booked up far in advance, a definite follow for those who are looking for style advice as well as tattoo inspiration.


Instagram: @caljenx

Where: The Workhouse. Kelham Island/ Sheffield

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Full back pieces, incredible large scale use of black ink. Cal Jenx uses his designs of black and white to create large pieces. One of the best tattooists to follow on Instagram, he is incredible with changing skin into a work of art. He is also a user of glass and creates some amazing pieces of useable art.


Instagram: @herzdame


Where: NYC and Berlin

Sarah Herzdame is one of the most versatile tattoo artists to follow on Instagram on this list! She changes between thin linework, snakes and full arm floral pieces. An avid traveller she also uses her Instagram to post some of her pictures of her unreal sights!


Instagram: @r17tattoos


Where: LA

Tattoo pieces that look like they could jump out of the skin, Black Anchor Tattoos take the use of realism to the next realm. Their tattoos of Greek gods, eyes and football shoes are some of the most realistic art on skin on Instagram.


Instagram: @mike_stout_tattoo


Where: Brighton, UK

Mike Stout is an amazingly original artist. His tattoos are limited to a complete space and tell a story with each different idea, whether that be a concept of space or someone’s travels. His use of dot work and linework to create each tattoo as an original piece leaves him as someone who stands out from the crowd. His tattoo work leaves something for everyone, a Disney castle or a t-rex.

From flowers to dinosaurs, here are all the Instagram tattoo artists I think you should be following! If you don’t see your favourite tattoo artists on the list then why don’t you comment the best tattoo account you think you should be on the list!
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