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Tasty And Healthy Fruity Salad Ideas

Tasty And Healthy Fruity Salad Ideas

Our fruit salad ideas guarantee to satisfy your summer cravings! Make sure you check our list of recipes as soon as possible.

Have you come across any fruit salad ideas lately? Are you in a need of some healthy inspiration to spice up your meals? As usual, we have your back and today we will introduce to you a few very tasty and incredibly healthy fruit salad recipes. Can they be called recipes? We’re unsure but nevertheless, make sure to write them down or copy them because you’ll definitely want to try them out soon. Let’s start with:

Melon and pineapple salad

The good thing about all fruit salad ideas is that you can basically mix all types of fruit together and it’ll always taste fantastic, which brings us to the point that if up until now you were unsure about the combination of melon, watermelon and pineapple, we will quickly change your mind with this lovely recipe. The quantities of the fruit are all up to you, depending on your taste, however, make sure that you don’t miss out on the wonderful dressing that this fruit salad comes with. How can you make it?

Just cut all the fruit together in small pieces and if you’ll be serving it later during the day, don’t add the dressing until right before serving because it breaks down the pineapple and can make the salad soggy. To make the dressing you’ll need to just whisk together a little bit of honey, lime juice and mint. Pour it over the salad right before serving and enjoy!


Pina Colada salad

The ideal taste of summer! All you need for this salad is 10 spare minutes and 5 ingredients. Your new best friend when you and your gals are chilling during the heat and craving some sweet and refreshing food. What you need to do is cut a whole pineapple in cubes, add some Greek yoghurt, 2 Tbsp. honey, 2 tsp. lime and 1/4 toasted coconut! Mix everything together, except for the coconut, and stir until it’s creamy and smooth. Then, add the pineapple chunks and make sure you stir well so all the pieces are coated.

Afterwards, all you have to do is just serve it in bowls and add the toasted coconut on top, again, right before serving. If finding a toasted coconut is a rather hard task for you, you can just swap it for coconut sprinkles which are easy to find.

Mojito Fruit Salad

Although the name of this fruit salad recipe got us quite excited, truth is it’s non-alcoholic. But after all, why would you have an alcoholic salad anyway, when you can just have both?? A mojito salad and a mojito cocktail, jackpot! The recipe for this one is simple as well.

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What you need to do is add 4 cups of cut watermelon into a bowl, add 150 (or as much as you like) grams of blueberries, the same amount of raspberries and then 500 grams of strawberries. Of course, the amount of the fruit varies and you can add more, depending on your taste! Add some fresh chopped mind and finally, mix 1/4 of a cup lime juice with 3 Tbsp. powdered sugar, pour it all over the salad and bam – you’re done!

Skinny Ambrosia fruit salad

This fruit salad with a mystical name combines 5 types of fruit with one of our favourite ingredients – Greek yoghurt, which turns it into the perfect fruit salad for those days where you crave something filling. What you have to do is mix some pineapple chunks, green grapes, chopped strawberries, some blueberries, one or two oranges and one cup (or as much as you want) of Greek yoghurt. Before you mix everything add 2 Tbsp. sugar and some vanilla essence. Mix all of them and then enjoy this beautiful fruit salad!


Those fruit salad ideas are making me very, very hungry right now and I’m sure you probably feel the same way after reading the text. Go to the supermarket now and buy all the fruit you need to make our magnificent salads! We know you’ll love them.

What are your thoughts on our fruit salad ideas? Let us know below.

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