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Talking Dirty To Him Doesn’t Have To Feel Weird

Talking Dirty To Him Doesn’t Have To Feel Weird

Have you been thinking about talking dirty to him? If so, you're in luck. These are the best tips for talking dirty to your boyfriend, husband, or hook up without feeling weird!

People are into different things when it comes to sex. Some couples prefer foreplay, whereas others don’t, for example. Others are more into kissing and touching, rather than simply having intercourse. However, if there is one thing all men are expected to do, is to talk dirty to their partner. This is a consequence of a broader social reality, where men are supposed to be dominant and assertive in the bedroom, whereas women take a more submissive role. Obviously, this is not the case in real life. Many men prefer to be submissive, whereas there are women who like being more dominant than their male counterparts during sex. If you think talking dirty to him is weird, it is not. Men will love you for it! So, talking dirty to him doesn’t have to feel weird nor be perceived as something unusual.

Talking dirty to him doesn't have to be weird!

Submissive Men Will Like Your Dirty Talk

If your man prefers to be the “polite” partner during sex, he will love when you talk dirty to him!


It Shows Confidence

Dirty talk doesn’t have to be a disgusting thing. It won’t make you aggressive, but rather come across as confident and in charge of what you want from your partner!


Makes Sex More Enjoyable

Foreplay is only the beginning of a rich intimate session. Why not spice it up with some dirty talk that will increase the sexual tension and chemistry in the room also?


Sex Doesn’t Have To Be Clean

Yep, you heard it right! There is a fine line between dirty talk and cringeworthy talk, however, but the more you practice it, the better you’ll become at it.


Seduction Is Art

Sex doesn’t have to feel like a depersonalized, detached, dull, and boring experience. People who have mastered the art of seduction know that being intimate with someone doesn’t have to feel worldly. Use dirty talk as a form of seducing your partner!

Here are some catchy phrases you can use during sex with your partner next time:

  1. Let me give you a lesson!
  2. You’ve been a really bad boy lately, haven’t you?
  3. Do you like that?
  4. How does that feel?
  5. I love it when you’re rough with me!
  6. I adore your skin touching mine!
  7. Suck my breasts!
  8. I’m yours, take me!
  9. I wish we could fuck like this all the time!
  10. You bring out the animal in me!

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