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Take Your Look From Day To Night With These Easy Steps

Take Your Look From Day To Night With These Easy Steps

Take Your Look From Day To Night With These Easy Stephs

Find yourself heading straight from the office to dinner or a few drinks on a Friday night? Sometimes there just isn’t enough time to head home in between and swap your office-chic to paint the town red. Never fear, these top tips will take you from day to night and have you party ready in no time!

1. Pop of colour

Nothing says big night out like a red lip. Your simple day to day makeup look will instantly look Hollywood ready with the glide of that scarlet magic wand. Alternatively, opt for more of an orange tone is summer or a darker maroon/purple shade in winter for more of a vampy look.  Another way to incorporate colour into your makeup look is a graphic liner, trust me, it’s daring but totally on trend and is guaranteed to make you stand out from the crowd. A pop of colour also doesn’t necessarily have to come from your make-up, try a vibrant clutch bag or swap your crisp white work shirt for a neon body suit, rocked with your business pencil skirt and a classic pair of black heels is such a look.

2. Accessorise

Business attire can be hot. A sleek suit or a pencil skirt and shirt can 100% work on a night out. Jazz it up from your usual look and take it rom day to night by undoing a couple of buttons and glamming it up with some accessories. Graphic earrings, rhinestone hair clips, a cute tie head band, a vibrant clutch bag or a funky belt.  The most simple accessories can take your outfit from the desk to the club in seconds.


3. Let your hair down

Literally. That cute corporate up-do or slicked back pony is great for the office but if you’re trying to take your look from day to night, you need to let loose a little. Let your hair down. shake it out and give it a little tease for that sexy, volumised, tousled look.  It’s crazy how the rest of the look blends around the hairstyle.

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4. Spare shoes

A great tip is to keep a pair of heels underneath your desk for those last minute events. Literally any look can go from day to night instantly with a good pair of heels. Cute summer dress transforms into club wear; pant suit suddenly becomes an edgy two-piece. Make sure it’s a comfortable pair so it’s suitable for events and you can last in them all night long: I’d recommend a study pair of boot heels, great to glam up an outfit but not too glam that you couldn’t get away with them in the pub!


5. It’s the small things

Small features of your make up like fake lashes and a poppin’ highlight are the fundamentals of a glam look. Having these things handy in your desk will serve you well when last minute plans pop up. Other small changes you can make are tying your t/shirt/shirt in a knot at your midriff instead of having it normally tucked it. This instantly makes your outfit more casual as you’d never wear it this way in the office (I hope). Removing tights and sporting bare legs is also slightly more risque and takes the outfit from day to night in seconds.

Never miss out on a last minute social opportunity from being unprepared. Always keep the essentials in your desk or locker at work and try out these top tips on transforming your corporate look from day to night. If you have any other ideas or tips please share them in the comments below!

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