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How To Take Advantage Of Everything Limerick Has To Offer

How To Take Advantage Of Everything Limerick Has To Offer

Going to uni in Limerick is awesome; however money can be tight at times, especially if you want to explore. So check out these affordable things to do!

Being a student is great; parties, nights out, interesting lectures, etc.  However, money can be a tad tight at times, especially if you want to explore your uni town!  Fortunately, Limerick has many affordable ways to see as much of it as possible!

1. Student Discount

This is an obvious one; however, at times I forget to ask if there is a student discount in stores.  In order to keep up to tabs on what shops offer student discounts, head to the UniDays app!


2.   Walk It Out

Limerick is fairly small, so pottering around the city is extremely doable.  In addition to this, you can see Limerick’s quaint streets, such as Little Catherine Street, as well as discovering new cafés.

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4.   The Early Bird Catches The Worm

If you’re a bit tight for cash, check out your local nightclub or bar’s Facebook page for drink offers. You might be lucky and get a two for one deal on cocktails, or shots….

5.  Early Riser

Once again, you have to get in early if you really want something! Most affordable restaurants in Limerick attempt to cater to the large student population, offering dinner and a free drink or desert!

6.  Culture Vulture

If it’s museums and galleries you’re looking for, check out Limerick Art Gallery, which is free entry.  Also during culture week here in Limerick, there are offers given for certain galleries and museums, so keep your eyes peeled!