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20 Kitchen Hacks Every Student Should Know

20 Kitchen Hacks Every Student Should Know

In contrast with the weird stereotypical view adults and TV shows alike seem to have of students surviving on nothing…

4 weeks ago

Easy 10 Minute Recipes You Need To Try

Eating right in uni is one of the greatest challenges of humanity. So make no mistake, you will gain a…

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10 Healthy 10 Minute Dinners Anyone Can Make

When I started university, I spent the first year living on Dominoes and microwaved meals. Since my second year, I’ve…

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20 Kitchen Hacks Perfect For University Students

Unless it is to bake yummy, fresh, fun and oddly shaped cookies, or to brew your morning cup of coffee;…

7 years ago

20 Easy Recipes Every Student Should Know For Uni

What is a student’s biggest weakness? FOOD! It can be time-consuming, especially if you are hangry, but there is a…

8 years ago

20 Things You’ll Only Understand If You’re Obsessed With Food

Food. We need it, we love it, sometimes too much. From snacks, to your favorite meal, food is more than…

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