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5 Sustainable Swimsuit Brands You Need To Check Out

5 Sustainable Swimsuit Brands You Need To Check Out

Choosing ethical fashion brands is one solution to a more sustainable world! Here are 5 sustainable swimsuit brands you need to check out.

By 2050, our seas may contain more garbage than fish. 8 million tons of waste end up in our seas every single year. 640 thousand tons of fishing nets are abandoned at the bottom of the ocean. We use 700 plastic bags a year per person. Less than 1% is recycled. Finding solutions for a more sustainable world should always be one of our main priorities, and we can do so by choosing responsible and ethical fashion brands. In this article, we decided to talk specifically about sea fashion. Here are 5 sustainable swimsuits brands you need to check out to help clean up the oceans!

1. Salt Gypsy

Salt Gypsy is much more than a swimwear brand, it is a global community of ocean women, creatives, surfers, instructors, and leaders. They draw swimwear and surfwear that celebrates female athleticism, diversity, and style in the lineup. The products are made from a 100% regenerated nylon yarn called ECONYL which is a longer lasting, more durable recycled nylon fabric with responsible manufacturing in Australia and biodegradable packaging. But Salt Gypsy is not only about fashion… you can book a surf trip or yoga retreatment on their website!

2. The Halcyon Daze

Love at First Sight and Summer Romance are maybe our favorite lines… but the choice is hard. The Halcyon Daze knows how to be ethical and sustainable without losing the style. The creators’ selected amazing patterns for the luxurious high-quality Italian Vita Lycra made with Econyl, a sustainable fabric composition made from recycled post-consumer plastics. Halcyon Daze sustainable swimsuits and accessories “that embody freedom, confidence, and individuality. Created for women who seek their inner nomadic spirit and follow their own path…” Do you?

3. Abby Rose

Abby Rose is an independent Australian swimwear label. With its timeless look, this brand wants to be comfortably versatile and feminine at the same time. They create all their collections with lycra made from 100% regenerated pre and post-consumer waste, including discarded fishing nets, carpet, clothing and fabric scraps. Go check it out!


4. Ocean Zen

Ocean Zen is another brand of cute and stylish swimwear created using sustainable, recycled and extremely soft fabrics. One strict rule of thumb at OceanZen is that no plastic packaging will be used in the transportation of garments, nor branded packaging to customers. And once the garment is ready, they pack it in compostable packaging, and ship using a 100% carbon-neutral delivery service. Moreover, they use the wasted fabric and off-cuts to make scrunchies!

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5. Julienne

Let’s talk about Julienne, an eco-friendly, UV protective, and highly resistant to chlorine, suntan creams, and oils, swimwear brand! The creators fully integrated sustainability into their strategy. Their Swimwear is made using Econ regenerated nylon made from abandoned fishing nets and Repreve made from recycled plastic bottles. With Julienne, you stay fashionable and comfortable respecting the environment!


Now that you know these labels you can make the right choice for the kind of world you want to live in! If you discover other fashion and sustainable swimsuits brands, tell us with a comment below!

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