10 Sustainable Beauty Switches You Should Do RN

We all know from David Attenborough that the world is in danger, and we can help change that with sustainable beauty changes. So here are 10 changes you can make which will make all the difference.

1. Go Supersize on Beauty Products.

Minis and regular sized products are ideal when you’re trying out new products but if you’re just re-purchasing the same things, why not go jumbo? It not only means that the product will last longer, but you’re using less packaging therefore it is sustainable switch. Get those jumbo products in!

2.Shampoo bars instead of shampoo

We all love a bottle of Elvive or Tresemme, but swapping to a shampoo bar is the best change you could make. With so many options available at Lush with similar scents, you cannot wrong. It will make your next shower a little more fun, and maybe less painful if you’re not getting shampoo in your eyes.

3. Scrap the plastic bags.

You’re can either use tote bags, or those re-useable bags. Although this is not beauty, it is fashion. Get yourself some cute tote bags to make those shopping trips sustainable girl!

4. Replace your normal toothpaste for ZERO WASTE.

You can either make your own or venture to lush and pick up some of their toothpaste tablets. Perfect for ditching the plastic tube of tooth paste you’re use to. If you’re more interested in creating your own, here is the recipe: 3 tablespoons coconut oil. 1 1/2 tablespoons baking soda. 25-30 drops Organic food grade peppermint essential oil.

5. Give up face wipes, for reusable face cloths.

Primark do the perfect two pack of face cleansers that are washable for just £2.50. These are perfect as you can bin off the face wipes, and get use to cleansing your face after a long day of make up without the waste. These last a while, and can be washed a fair few times before you even need to think about buying more.

6. Swap Your Cotton Buds.

Bamboo cotton buds sound pretty random, but they’re just as great as your regular ones. We wasn’t so much plastic cleaning our ears, that the swap would be less damaging considering how much we use them in our everyday lives. A sustainable beauty swap that will make all the difference!

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7. Try refills.

Make up is mainly packaged in plastic, so maybe begin to use products that offer refills rather than you buying the new packaging all over again. Ecco Bella are a great brand for this, offering refills so easily and giving you yet another sustainable beauty swap.

8. Swap your regular roll on and deodorant for soild/reusable ones.

Roll on in glass containers aren’t so bad, but they still have plastic lids. So swapping out your usual’s for solid/reusable ones is one step closing to changing the environment for the better. We over use a lot of plastic, and this is a step to cutting that right down. Lush sell lots of versions of deodorant in different scents, so get yourself to lush and hunting for your next sustainable beauty find.

9.Glass Packaging.

This is the easy change you make to your everyday life. Glass is so easily recycled, and usually their original shape makes them perfect for reuse. Many beauty products are now available in glass packaging, so maybe try swapping out those plastic packaged face masks for glass ones. Not only will you get more use out of the jar, but you will be making the perfect, and easiest sustainable beauty swap.

10. Go back to a Bar of Soap.

Bars of soap use little packaging, and they’re usually packaged in recyclable/plastic-free therefore it is less damaging to the environment that when you buy liquid soap that is always in plastic packaging. Bars of soap can be bought for all different uses from body to hair, so try the swap and adapt to that new sustainable beauty life!

Did you try some of these changes, did you find them difficult or did you just plain hate them? Let me know below about your changes and if you have made some that haven’t been mentioned. Lets chat!

Brookly Taylor

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