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Sustainable And Ethical Shoes And Bags Brands To Check Out

Sustainable And Ethical Shoes And Bags Brands To Check Out

Right now the ethical game is strong and you can find very nice brands that respect the environment! Here's our ethical shoes and bags brands list!

Bags and shoes, two things we couldn’t live without. But often the brand you love don’t meet your personal ethical values. Moreover, the combo sustainable and fashion seems hard to find. But wait, wait, wait..actually at the moment the ethically made accessories game is strong and you can find very nice brands that respect the environment, production transparency, working condition, sand animal welfare! Here, our list of the most stylish and ethical shoes and bags brands!

1. Svala

Svala luxury designer creates vegan handbags, purses, bag, sand totes handcrafted sustainably and ethically in LA with high-quality, premium vegan leather, cork and Pinatex. Each bag is lined with organic cotton and recycled plastic and packed with a bag of organic cotton powder. In particular, Pinatex fibers are the by-product of pineapple harvesting. This material is composed of 80% pineapple leaf fibers and 20% PLA fibers and it doesn’t need additional land, water, fertilizers or pesticides are needed for its production. You can choose between different nice backpacks, bags, pochette and wallets. Have a look!

2.  zero waste daniel

Among the best ethical shoes and bags brands is zero waste daniel. Worth a check if you are a tote bag lover. Daniel Silverstein is a new york based clothing designer and zero waste pioneer. In 2016, Daniel created “zero waste Daniel” a line of genderless clothes produced completely from pre-consumer waste from new york’s fashion Industry. For this, in 2017  his story and brand went viral with more than 20 million views worldwide! He works in a transparent Brooklyn storefront factory where each produced piece diverts roughly one pound of textile waste from landfill. On Daniel website, you can read a lot about zero waste tips and textile pollution. Zero Waste Daniel believe that all resources including material, people, energy, time and imagination are valuable, putting energy into reusing wasted materials is better than creating new ones, customers deserve to know how their clothes are made and all workers must be paid a fair wage! Just a few of the ideals that made this one of the most ethical brands!


3. Liminal

Are you a lover of basic accessories or of DIY? This is the brand for you! Liminal creates organic white basic bags of too many different types, from the simplest tote bag to the traveler bag. They are so simple because they are made to be customized. So liminal products are the perfect blank slate for you to apply your own ideas and designs to and by using them, you’re also making a statement of commitment to a fairer world. Actually, Liminal is the exclusive Australian distributor for “Freeset”. Freeset is a brand born for the many women in West Bengal, India who are vulnerable to sex trafficking. These women don’t get to choose their occupation, and we Freeset wants to change that making bags, tees, and hand-woven fabrics. So If you decide to purchase Liminal, know that you are helping to provide more than 250 Women with a fair wage!

4. Whimsy + row

Minutely created in limited run batches in Los Angeles, this brand clothing is handcrafted under ethical conditions using only locally sourced deadstock textiles and materials. Their production is not focused on bags and accessories only but women can find everything for their wardrobe. Anyway, if you are specifically looking for a bag they have beautiful and modern round purses to offer, made with the best eco-friendly fabrics to bring you flirty and that will last you for years to come!

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5. Veja

Now very popular, Veja is a brand of sneakers designed in France for women, kinds, and men. Since 2005, Veja has been making sneakers differently with the strong belief of infusing each stage of production with a positive impact. In fact, the brand sources from countries with high or extreme risk of labor abuse but attempts to address those risks by adopting a robust Code of Conduct. It ensures that a large proportion of its suppliers pay a living wage. It traces suppliers in all of its supply chain and all of its supply chains are either independently audited or visited by the brand. Obviously, the sneakers are made out with organic cotton, wild rubber from the Amazonian forest and innovative fabrics such as recycled plastic bottles. If you believe in transparency as this brand does, you hold definitely try their shoes!

6. Indigo + Africa

We simply love the colorful African style bags created by this brand! Since they are artisanally made by groups of women in Rwanda & Ghana from local, raw materials to handcrafted, finished products, the brand is supporting the integrity of artisan-made goods and creating educational opportunities for all the women who make them. Indigo + Africa strives to be as ethically-responsible and environmentally-friendly as possible by sourcing recycled materials from markets and farms in Rwanda and Ghana. And they also work with sweetgrass, palm leaf,  straw, banana leaf, and organic yarn that’s hand-dyed using local plant, flower, and vegetable material. Moreover, they celebrate the local cultural traditions, in fact, the products perfectly showcase the craftsmanship of traditional African artistry! On Indigo + Africa website you also have the opportunity to donate and help equip these artisans and the 100% of your contribution supports business and technology training for them. A good way to start your ethical lifestyle!

Did you like this list? If you know any ethical shoes and bags brands, tell us about them with a comment below!

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