5 Surf Fashion Brands You Should Know

5 Surf Fashion Brands You Should Know

This article is a celebration of freedom, ocean life, and low fashion! We select 5 of the best niche surf fashion brands you should check out if you love being stylish into the waves. They are wearable art and you should definitely know something more about their identity and purposes.  Enjoy your reading!

1. Hakea

Absolutely the first on our top 5 of the surf fashion brands you should know! The word Hakea refers to an Australian native plant genus known for its rare, diverse beauty and extreme resilience. It is the right word to describe this Australian brand and its original and stylish artistic patterns. Hakea design is elegant, functional and versatile to inspire the confidence you need to swim and surf! It is the baby of Graphic designer Casey Eastwell who, inspired by a lack of swimwear that made her feel comfortable and fashion at the same time, decided Hakea could have been the solution. Moreover, her swimwear is crafted to take care of Mother Nature, using a mix of upf 50+ thick nylon spandex and luxury recycled Italian fabric made from Ecolyn fibre regenerated from fishing nets, fabric mill scraps and other nylon waste. If you believe in quality over quantity as Hakea does, you should definitely have a look at its website and at its Journal where you can find many different stories about powerful women!

2. Boardsox

We are not talking about swimwear or clothing anymore, but if you like to be 100% fashion when you go for your surf session, you should definitely check this brand out! Boardsox creators, a brother and sister duo, crafted these amazing covers for your surfboard! Their ethos is ”protect your board and protect our ocean ” in fact these covers not only protect your board from dings but they represent also a dedication to the future of protecting our oceans and marine conservation because they commit 10% of the sales to cover to Sea Shepard, Surfrider Foundation and Action for Dolphins. C’mon, Visit the Web Site, and get a free Sri Lanka surf guide for free!


3. TallPoppy

Designed and handmade in Sunshine Coast in Australia, TallPoppy products are surf-practical swimsuits created for the eco-fashion conscious. We personally love the floral fantasies that remind at the 50s fashion patterns and that definitely make the brand identity. The amazing thing is that the creator, Poppy, designs, and hand-makes each piece from her home studio; everything made with a new, cutting edge, sustainable  Lycra that uses latest yarn and knitting technologies. If you are looking for an ethical choice and you love vintage fashion.. this is the brand for you! Ps: if you are interested in sustainability and slow fashion, you should check out Indigo+Salt as well!

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4.  Atmosea

Between these 5 surf fashion brands, this is the one with the most technical wetsuits: they seem a softer and more flexible fit to ready your body for any wet occasions. Our favorite one is the Venus Spring Suit, made with smooth and lightly coated Neoprene and crafted with a V waist panel for a flattering fit. But you can just choose the brightly high waist piece or the jacket to match with the slips you like the most: they keep your lower back warm and cushion your hip bones. We absolutely recommend trying this brand from Byron Bay. And if you go there for a surf trip,  have a look at Sea Bones concept store which showcases independent surf labels!!


5. Vissla

Stop talking about women: Vissla is created for men and it is one of the most innovative surf fashion brands in the market! It is a relatively new brand in the wetsuit world but its founders were strongly involved in the development of the Billabong program so they have heaps of experience. Moreover, they are all surfers and so totally get what we are looking for in a wetsuit: lightweight, quick-drying warm stylish and we want it to last 10 years! If you are looking for something incredible stretch and durable.. try Vissla!  Moreover, this is another brand created whit less environmental impact. We totally suggest having a look at its blog and films such the one about the new Gado Gado Collection inspired by Indonesia’s spicy dish that you should probably plan on trying during your next surf trip down there!

There are so many others Surf Fashion Brands we don’t know about it. If you have fallen in love with a particular one, let us know with a comment below!

Featured Image Source: https://pin.it/u7ntjtrb4zjbyj