5 Sure-Fire Meals To Cure A Hangover

After a heavy night out on the town, the best way to cure a hangover is not just with water and paracetamol. Instead, you need a meal to rid your body of all those nasty intoxicants and fuel your body with the nutrients needed to make a proper recovery.

Your stomach is hollow, your mouth is dry, and your head is throbbing, and what you need most is a meal packed with the good stuff. Luckily, this list is here to save the day, with five sure-fire meals to cure a hangover, however severe!

1. Egg On Toast

Easily one of the quickest and simplest breakfast fixes to cure a hangover. Cook your eggs whatever which way you prefer, fried, scrambled or poached, they contain the essential amino acids needed to re-vitalise your system after a heavy night.

Load them onto a stack of toast, ideally wholegrain and slathered with butter, which will provide the starch required to absorb any lingering intoxicants and re-line your stomach.

Add basics like salt and pepper or branch out and use the likes of avocado to boost nutrient contents and before you know it you’ll have a quick, tasty breakfast that’s not only easy to stomach but will cut straight to the curing of a raging hangover.

5 Sure-fire Meals To Cure A Hangover

2. Full English Breakfast

Perhaps more tasking to first make and then to the stomach, but this meal is undoubtedly the most effective way, and certainly the most English way, to cure a hangover.

Frying up the likes of sausage, bacon, eggs, and hash-browns will provide the protein and starch that will thoroughly detox you and fill out your hollowed-out stomach.

Add to that beans, which contain vital nutrients, as well as tomatoes and mushrooms, both of which contain well-renowned hangover cure properties, and you’ll have a fully-fledged juggernaut of a breakfast/ brunch to tackle your hangover head-on and stop it in its tracks.

5 Sure-fire Meals To Cure A Hangover

3. Quinoa Salad

If you’re a vegetarian or vegan, then this is certainly the option for you. Quinoa is high in protein, contains healthy minerals, and boasts all nine of the crucial amino acids to make it an all-round hangover slayer.

Complement the quinoa with cucumber, tomatoes, and onions, all of which contain the natural nutrients and vitamins to revive your alcohol-infused body and bring harmony to your digestive system.

5 Sure-fire Meals To Cure A Hangover

4. Chicken Soup

Whilst it’s perhaps not something you would want in the morning, if you were to wake up later, a bowl of soup can work wonders as a quick meal fix to cure a hangover.

Any soup will be effective in this regard. They’re easy to stomach and rich in nutrients, especially if made from scratch with fresh vegetables. Chicken soup, in particular, is great because it’s packed with protein and has a thicker consistency that warms up the whole body.

5 Sure-fire Meals To Cure A Hangover

5. Pancakes and Syrup

Ending with by far the tastiest of ways to cure a hangover, pancakes, soft and easy to stomach, can easily soak up any remaining intoxicants.

With a helping of syrup, butter or honey, the meal becomes rich and can swiftly stabilise your blood sugar.

Add on top fruit like bananas, rich in potassium that helps counteract the effects of hangovers, or blueberries, similarly rich in vitamins, and you’ll not only be balancing out the healthiness of this quick fix but you’ll also be furthering the detoxification process and setting yourself up for a better day hangover-free.

5 Sure-fire Meals To Cure A Hangover

Which of these meals have you used to cure a hangover? What are your go-to hangover cures? Let us know below!

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