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10 Summer T Shirt Dresses You Need This Season

T-Shirt dresses are perfect for the summer months. Cool, light, and breezy they great for quickly creating a look that you know it’s going to be cute and keep you cool. They also come in a range of styles, which can make it hard to choose which one is best. Don’t worry, because we have picked out the ten summer t-shirt dresses you need this season.

1. The Pastel

Pastels are super in this season, and you can see why – they look absolutely adorable on anyone, and their soft colours reminiscent of ice-cream and candyfloss put you instantly in the mood for summer fun. Plus, since pretty much any colour can be pastel, you have a full colour wheel to choose from, so you can find the perfect t-shirt dress in your perfect shade.

2. The Lace-Up

Lace-up t-shirt dresses bridge that beautiful gap between cute casual and sexy, which means that a lace-up t-shirt dress is as versatile as it is great looking. With a lace-up t-shirt dress, you can dress it up or down as much as you want – it can go from being a beach cover up to a dress you’d go out it with only a change in footwear and accessories. With this in your wardrobe, you’re ready for anything.

3. The Cut-Out

Cut outs are everyone’s fave during summer – you can show off your tan without being too cheeky, and they can give you some well-needed ventilation when it gets particularly hot. Cut out’s for summer t-shirt dresses is perfect for those casual-but-not-too-casual summer nights, for garden parties and for barbecues, and can also be dressed up with a cute pair of heels if you want to take this look from day to night.

4. The Belted

T-shirt dresses can be a little shapeless, so a belted t-shirt dress is perfect if you’re feeling casual but also want to show off your figure a little. If you’re going somewhere that is nice, but not too nice (like a first date with your summer crush), a belted t-shirt dress works perfectly. Plus, you can always take the belt off the dress and just wear it loose, so with this item you have two looks in one.

5. The Casual

Everyone needs that one comfy-casual dress that they can pop on when they’ve overslept but still want to look like they at least put some effort in. This dress is perfect for the morning after a fun summer party, as it will elevate the way you look since it’s a dress, yet is loose and breathable enough that you won’t feel weighed down by it. It’s also great for going to the beach, as you can just pop it on and off when you’re sunbathing or taking a quick dip in the sea.

6. The Edgy

Even though black isn’t the go-to choice for a summer dress, everyone needs that one pop of edge in their wardrobe. When it comes to summer t-shirt dresses, this edgy dress is just casual enough for you to look effortlessly cool without sticking out like a sore thumb. This dress is versatile, too – you can play up the edge by layering with a choker, boots and a leather jacket, or keep it more casual by wearing it with trainers and a denim jacket. 

7. The Choker Dress

Choker dresses are a way too look just a little more dressed up than you actually are, and the choker t-shirt dress is no exception to this. This dress is perfect for summer parties as you’ll stay cool while looking super hot. This is the kind of t-shirt dress you can pair with heels, without it looking out of place, so when you have the event of the summer to go to, this dress will be your best friend.

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8. The Fit-And-Flare

If you like a little structure to your dresses, a fit and flare t-shirt dress is perfect for you. Since it’s nipped in a little at the hips and flares out at the hem, this dress will accentuate your figure and make you look great, whilst still being super comfortable. This style is great for going out for casual drinks with your friends in a sunny beer garden, or for a cute date during the day. 

9. The Oversized Graphic

If you want to get super casual with it, a graphic t-shirt dress is perfect. They’re great for those lazy days when you’re not doing much of anything and need an outfit to match. They can also be dressed up a little with a jacket and some accessories if you’re having a fun day out and want to keep it causal whilst still looking super cute.

10. The Contrast

A flash of contrast on a t-shirt dress is a great addition to any wardrobe. Contrast dresses add a little something extra to your outfit as they make you stand out because of the contrast on it, and a contrast t-shirt dress takes advantage of this style and makes it fun and casual. If you want to stand out just a little at a gathering then a contrast t-shirt dress is a great way to do this – the style will make sure everyone’s eyes are on you without you putting in a load of effort. This is one of the best summer t-shirt dresses to wear out this summer!

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