Summer Sundresses: Long And Short Styles You’ll Love

Summer sundresses may be making it to your wardrobe in the coming months. With the warm weather fast approaching, here is a selection of both long and short summer sundresses that’ll make you feel and look amazing in the sun. Whether its pretty patterns or simpler block colours, long or short, I’m sure there is a dress on this list that’ll be perfect for you and fit the summer vibe you’re going for.


Off-the-shoulder summer sundresses have been a staple style the past few years and it looks like they’re not going anywhere. They can come in any colour and so many different fabrics, but if you’re looking for a more classic style, then a ruffled off-the-shoulder white mini dress is one you can’t miss out on. It’s light, simple, and looks great. It’s perfect for hanging out with friends or when you’re on holiday at a warmer destination.

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Red Floral Wrap

Wrap dresses work wonders for your figure as it cinches in your waist, making it appear smaller. It’s a flowy dress that’s easy to move in, but also helps to maintain your figure and gives you a flattering silhouette. For a more summery style, you can’t go wrong with a white floral pattern on a red base. It’s a classic and timeless combination that looks great on everyone.

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Floral Maxi

If you’re not a fan of showing too much skin and don’t want to be too revealing, a floral maxi will still leave you looking feminine and beautiful. It’s a lot more conservative than other dresses but the design makes up for it. The cinch at the waist will still show off some of your figures, the patterns add dynamic to the dress, and the bell sleeves add a hint of fun and bounciness to your ensemble. Although maxi dresses generally aren’t peoples first choice for summer sundresses, that doesn’t mean that they don’t look great.

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Red Polka-dot Midi

Summer is all about finally bringing out those bright and vibrant clothes from your wardrobe. It’s the perfect season to show off red – and nothing’s cuter than a red polka-dot dress. The pattern is simple and not too overwhelming but it’s enough to add a hint of fun, which works great for summer. A spaghetti strap midi with polka-dots, like below, is the perfect addition to your summer wardrobe.

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Ruffled Pink

A ruffled pink dress is all about showing off that softness and femininity. If you want to feel like a soft and light summer fairy, definitely consider a pink midi dress adorned with ruffles. The best thing about this kind of style is that it’s light and flowy, making it great to wear during the warmer seasons. The fabric is light, breathable and moving around in it will be effortless.

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Yellow Button-Up Midi

A yellow dress is perfect for summer and have you feeling great. Bright colours tend to have that “happy” effect, and yellow is easily one of the best if you’re going for that vibe. It reminds us of sunflowers, honey, and the sun. It’s pleasant to the eyes and will leave you feeling bright and full of life. The great thing about a dress this colour is that a simple style works amazingly, thanks to the already vibrant base. A button-up midi or maxi dress in yellow or mustard will look stunning paired with a casual hairdo or sunhat.

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What summer sundresses will you be wearing this summer? Have any on the list caught your eye? Let us know in the comments below!

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Caitlin Jordan

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