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10 Summer Songs You’ll Dance To All Season Long

10 Summer Songs You’ll Dance To All Season Long

Here is a list of some of the best summer songs that you can listen to all season long.

Summer is practically here! Love Island is being filmed as we speak and almost back on the t.v, day-drinking is going to become (somewhat) socially acceptable again and we have way more daylight-saving hours. Not to mention, summer parties, BBQ’s, road trips and summer adventures all to look forward to.

There are so many great summer songs out there, so here is a list of some 00’s classics, some of the best chart songs, and the majority of the Shrek playlist.

1. Aloha: Mome, Merryn Jeann

Album: Panorama


Out of all of the summer songs out there, this has to be one of the best summer songs out there! You can play it during pre’s or put it on your road trip playlist because it manages to be really chill and fun at the same time.

2. Riptide: Vance Joy

Album: Dream your life away
As long as you don’t over think it when it comes to the music video, this song will always be a summer classic!

3. I’m a Believer: Smash Mouth

Album: Shrek


You can’t have Christmas without watching Shrek and I also think you shouldn’t have summer without listening to songs from the Shrek playlist.

4. All-Star: Smash Mouth

Album: Shrek

The best thing about this song is probably the chorus.


This song is used to introduce Shrek and his swamp right at the start of the film. We see him laughing at fairytales, taking mud baths and being really proud of his D.I.Y “Wanted” ogre sign. This song was released by a band called Smash Mouth in 2009. The actual music video involves a talent contest, men in sunglasses and puppies.

Having watched both, I still prefer the Shrek version.

10 Summer Songs You’ll Dance To All Season Long


5. Year 3000: Busted

Album: Busted

Everyone knows all/most of the words to this song and have also tried to work out who the great great grand-daughter is actually related to.

6. Don’t Call Me Up: Mabel

Album: Ivy To Roses


Mabel is such a cool artist, she is a Swedish-English singer and songwriter that is mainly known for her breakthrough song, “Finders Keepers.” Some other great songs include My lover- ft Not3s, One Shot and Fine Line.

7. Thank u Next, Ariana Grande

Album: Thank u, next

This has been our anthem since the 30th November 2018 when it premiered on YouTube and no one has looked back ever since. The music video is basically a tribute to mean girls whilst reinforcing the important teachings of legally blonde and I think we are all going to be permanently obsessed.


10 Summer Songs You’ll Dance To All Season Long

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8.Hope: The Chainsmokers, Winona Oak

Album: Sick Boy


The members of this American band include Andrew Taggart, Alexander Pall and Rhett Bixler. A cool fact about Andrew Taggart is that he made it into the 2017’s Forbes “30 Under 30 List.”

Hope is particularly great because it’s a fun song with an important message. The important message being: Don’t lose hope, because The Chainsmokers said so.

9.Young Dumb and Broke: Khalid

Album: American Teen


American Teen is such a good album and a lot of the songs are mellow and chill. It’s great to revise to (if you’re going to be studying in the summer) but also great for a road trip or even an afternoon picnic. Some other great songs in the American Dream album include therapy, location and Let’s Go, just to name a few!

10 Summer Songs You’ll Dance To All Season Long

10. comethru: Jeremey Zucker

Album: Summer


Jeremey Zucker is an indie pop artist and also part of the band 3OAK where Zucker and his band members produce their own music.

comethru is just a happy song with a chill music video. Zucker is singing all about honesty and friendship with a really cool beat.

I could genuinely go on and on and on- but I’ll stop for now. Comment below if you can think of any more Summer songs.

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