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10 Summer Makeup Looks You’ll Want To Copy This Year

10 Summer Makeup Looks You’ll Want To Copy This Year

10 Summer Makeup Looks You'll Want To Copy This Year

Summer makeup trends for this year are revealed and you are going to love them! With the Fashion Week events happening in the biggest fashion cities like New York, Paris, and Milan, not only it is established the wear trends for the season but also the hair and makeup trends.

It seems like this summer makeup trends go for a clean look where foundation doesn’t take part and the use of bright and pastel colors are seen, most of them coming from the Pantone palette of colors for 2019.

So sit back and take a close look to these 10 summer makeup ideas that you’ll want to copy for the upcoming season:


1. Pink Ballerina

This summer makeup was one of the favorites during the fashion week. Its a beautiful combination of soft pink lips, eyeshadow, and blush. Even pink powder was used for those three areas, as well as pink mascara. The eyeshadow was applied from the outer corner of the eye all the way to the temple and then down to the cheekbone.

This is a sophisticated neutral look if you want to look elegant and it can be worn during the day or night.


2. Soft Smokey Eye

A softer smokey eye is the go-to option for summer makeup trends. Colors like coffee or amethyst are the best to get a rich but delicate smokey eye look, complete the look by slightly emphasizing your under eye with eyeliner or by smoking it out.

3. Colorful Winged Eye

The artists played around to create a beautiful and colorful winged eye makeup look. From jewels or glitter to taupe colors that were extended sharply from the outer corner of the eye all the way to the temple.


4. Artistic Black Eye

Let your artistic side come out and be creative to get a cool and trendy black eye makeup. This summer makeup trend includes a clever use of black eyeliner, from graphic black arrows, black triangles or a 70’s cat eye look. This is definitely in for this summer season.

5. Taupe Eyeshadow

Taupe eyeshadow was used subtly and softly during the fashion week, it gives your eyes some definition and still helps you fit in the neutral look trend.

6. Jewel Or Glitter

Add a touch of youth and playfulness to your summer makeup look by applying jewels or glitter eyeshadow.


The colors applied during the fashion show were: golden, silver, pink, and green. Create a beautiful party look by extending it past the outer corner of the eye.

7.  Colorful-Bright Eyeshadow

This summer makeup trend is also full of beautiful bright colors, so if you like colorful eyeshadows you will definitely fall in love with this trend.

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It consists of one-color eyeshadow that does not require a lot of blending and can be easily applied. Play around with deep blue, green, or a wash of pink.

8. Neon Eye Makeup

Neon colors were highly seen in the fashion shows whether it was clothing, hair, bags and, of course, makeup.


This summer makeup trend goes from vibrant oranges to electric blues and it’s a single eyeliner color that can be worn on your upper eye or under it.

9. Golden Eye Makeup

How about adding a touch of glamour to your makeup by applying a hint of golden eyeshadow? You can complete the look by applying a brown eyeliner for a winged eye.

10. Rouge Lips

There is something sexy about wearing red lips that never goes out of style. It’s that seductive and mysterious dominatrix look you get when you wear it that makes heads turn.


Even if this summer trend goes for natural looks, the red and powerful lipstick couldn’t be left behind. This summer makeup trend can be worn alone or with a hint of eye makeup, like black eyeliner.

The summer makeup trends for this year are out of this world! There is a variety for any preference, from the pastel colors, bright neon eye makeup looks or the timeless red powerful lips.

Which of these summer makeup trends did you like the most? Tell us in the comments below!

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