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15 Summer Hats For Women We Want Right Now

15 Summer Hats For Women We Want Right Now

Summer hats for women add extra style to any outfit. From fedoras to floppy hats to traditional ball caps, we have you covered! Take a look at the best looks for this upcoming summer season!

We all know the struggle to find that perfect hat style which suits us. Whether that is a big slouchy hat, cowboy hat, cap-hats or straw hats there is one for each of us, it’s just finding the right one. If you are someone that rocks all styles perfectly – go you – for the rest of us, it can be a little frustrating, and all we want is for the sun to be out of our face while looking super stylish right? Low and behold, here are our 15 favourite summer hats for women that you will love!

Wish You Were Here Floppy Sun Hat

We all love a good floppy hat for those lay by the beach sipping cocktails days, but say hello to a more stylish and trendy summer hat… the embroidered ‘sea you later’, black ribbon sun hat.


The Sassy Baker Boy Hat

The hottest accessory trend right now – the baker boy caps. We love them. The style, colour, shape and the way we can use it to look super trendy and stylish. This leopard print hat gives us that ultra sass with the print that is constantly being showcased on our Insta feeds by our fav fashion bloggers!

It’s All About The Tartan Cap

If you are looking to turn some heads this summer, this one is for you! Tartan is a fashion-forward print that we all cannot get enough of. These caps are a great accessory for those warmer and sunnier summer days (thank you England) while looking like a girl-boss. This is one of the summer hats for women that adds some dimension and pattern to your look.


Blocking Out The (Sun) Haters Hat

Blocked colours are a trend we have seen dominate the catwalks this season. Thank the heavens for our favourite high-street stores providing a more budget friendly way to wear blocked colours and look ultra-stylish in this structured straw hat.


Beauty-fly Sun Visor

There is no denying the fact 90’s fashion has come back with a vengeance, and taking 2018 fashion by the reigns. Sun visors I’m sure is something we all had as a child, or saw our great-aunts sporting while doing a spot of gardening. This summer sun visors are one of the new and hottest summer hats to have, and this butterfly one gives us major fashionista vibes!

Can We Have More Mustard Please?

There is no secret that this summer’s hottest shade is vibrant mustard. It’s a colour we just cannot get enough off and thanks to the best of the best fashion influencers showing us how to style and wear mustard, we all want to jump on this bandwagon before it leaves without us!


Mad About Monochrome Wide Brim Hat

Effortless, chic and the ultimate prestigious look: monochrome. We all love a good straw hat, there is no denying it, but the conventional light brown and tanned shade hats can be a little predictable – especially when everyone at the beach is sporting the same one! This one gives us that extra ‘wow’ and will make every beach-goer jealous…



Red Hot Fedora Hat

Whether you are a chilled boho-vibe chick or an urban street-style lover, this hat can be rocked by anyone… and when I saw rocked I mean it! This hat, whether it’s to get those Insta-pics or wow someone we like (or don’t) this hat looks super cool. Red is a colour that suits everyone and can make any outfit look that even more impressive. This is one of the summer hats for women that adds a bright and bold colour.


Oh Baby Blue We’re Mad About You Beret…

The fleeky French hats that give us major girl-crush vibes are the beret hats we are seeing everywhere! Whether you’re an Insta famous girl, or a wannabe, or someone who wants to look extra AF, this hat is perfect for you… It can keep the sun from burning our scalps while rocking Clueless vibes…

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The Year Of The Woman Ball Cap

2018 is the year of the women, and aren’t we milking it! This year is about women-power, girl-bosses and looking ultra ultra stylish! This hat gives it us all – black to match any outfit, trendy-vibes, statement slogans and of course sun protection!

 Faux Coachella Vibes Hat

Coachella for most of us is a distant desire we get to somewhat live through our favourite Instagram girls. We get to see who’s who, the fashion outfits we drool over and the hot-goss without actually being there. This festival style hat gives us total faux ‘I went to Coachella’ vibes – psst nobody will ever know. This is one of the summer hats for women that is classic.


Do Not Disturb Straw Hat

Slogan’s are everything right now, whether on our tops, phone cases or suitcases, we just cannot get enough! This slogan floppy hats gives us that extra something whilst reminding people to not ‘disturb’ – win win, right?


Pom Pom Gallore Summer Hat

Nothing says summer vibes other than tassels, straw hats at pom pom’s, and guess what? This hat has it all! A traditional straw hat with black pom pom’s will make us look super fashionable this summer! This is one of the most classic summer hats for women with an added pom pom detail.

Which of these summer hats for women are you going to try? Let us know in the comments below!

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