The 10 Cutest Summer Haircuts For Long Hair

If you're looking for ways to change up your summer hairstyle, check out these summer haircuts for long hair you'll absolutely love!

As summer is upon us and we appear from months of hibernation (consisting of binge watching Netflix and eating endless amounts of pigs in blankets), it may be time that your hair needs to take on a new look as we enter a season filled with exciting adventures where the true saying of  “letting your hair down” is imminent. Luckily for those with long hair, you can never be short for inspiration, from braids to buns we have you covered in finding you the cutest summer haircuts for long hair.

1. Accessory Pony

High ponies are perfect for any occassion! Paired with a low cut jumpsuit for a classic night time look or worn with a day shift dress for a casual day vibe. The pony will never go out of fashion but for something different this summer add a sparkly ribbon intertwined with your pony like Blake Lively and you’ll look like you’ve spent hours creating this look.

2. Bedhead Chic

I can officially declare that it is now cool to look like you’ve just got out of bed. So, whether you really have rolled out of bed or it’s day 3 of a festival you can rock the bedhead look! Use dry shampoo to create a thick texture and use your hands to ruffle your hair – the messier the better!


3. Classic Beach Wave

Nothing can beat when you’re on holiday and your hair dries from the sea into a salty, wave heaven! The effortless and cute kinks are perfect for summer if you’re looking for an imperfect finish. Use Lee Stafford’s Sea Salt Spray to get the natural waves you want! This is definitely one of the best summer haircuts for long hair!

4. Mini braids

Braids are the cutest go to look for summer hair but take it a step further this season and create mini braids all over your long hair! They even last for 2 weeks so are ideal for a vacation away where you can spend more time adventuring than perfecting your hair!


5. The Wet Look

The wet hair look trend certainly isn’t slowing down for the summer! However the secret to achieve this look is not with water but is by using a gel. My favourite gel to use is the L’Oréal Professionnel Tecni Art A-Head Glue. Run it through your hair and brush through to create a sleek and cool finish.

6. Pinned Back

Tired of your hair getting in your face? Especially on holiday this can be a real nightmare. If you’re sick of dealing with flyaways or sweaty hair, use some cute embellished clips to secure those annoying wispy hairs. Try these super adorable embellished hair pins to create this summer look!


7. Messy Bun

This is my favourite summer haircut for long hair! To sweep your hair off your face and create a fun and quirky look the messy bun is perfect for you! Ironically though, a messy bun can take a while to ‘perfect’ so I use Beauty Youtuber Brianna Fox step-by-step guide to achieve this stunning look. This is one of the more casual summer haircuts for long hair, yet still looks great!

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8. Half Up Half Down

Can’t decide whether you want your hair up or down? Why not have both? For a chic day time look split your hair in half and tie the top half up with a bobble. For a night time look you can put the top half in a bun or add cute braids to the side.

9. Wraparound Pony

For a 1960s chic vibe a side parting pony tail wrapped around your shoulder is gorgeous for evening summer drinks. Different to your usual high pony and so easy to do, mix up your ponies and get wrapping!

10. Sleek and Straight

Nothing can beat the Kim K platinum blonde sleek and straight vibe. This is my perfect summer haircut for long hair, use hairspray to get rid of any flyaways for the perfect sleek look and make sure to use a toner to get that perfect platinum colour!


Which one of the summer haircuts for long hair will you wear this year? Let us know in the comments below!

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