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10 Summer Habits Every Student Picks Up

10 Summer Habits Every Student Picks Up

Summer habits die hard, and here are our top 10 selection of habits picked up by students during Summertime. Partying, Sleeping, read all bout it here!

Everybody waits for Summertime : the heat, the sun, holidays, the beach, friends, cocktails… nothing sounds better, right? And every Summer, it is the same thing: we have our go-to places to have breakfast/ coffee, our favourite places where to go on holidays, the friends we want to catch-up  with… or we just go for a summer of excess filled with partying and quickly-made-oh-so-quickly-regretted decisions. This article does not encourage you to follow any particular behaviour, and is entirely based on personal knowledge.

Here are 10 common Summer habits every student picks up.

1. Looking for a Summer job

Looking for a summer job becomes a habit pretty soon into your student life – and a rather healthy one for a change. You desperately want to become independent and buy whatever you like, or sponsor the project you want. You have 3 months to be completely free: working usually gives you the opportunity to travel, which is always a plus as you get to share your experience when you go back to class in September.


2. Parties

When you’re a student, partying becomes routine – You go out, you socialise, you mingle. Whether it is a house party, a pool party or simply ANY party, you deserve to enjoy yourself after those trying and tiring exams. And fortunately-or unfortunately- you don’t need advice to do that.

3. Snacking

Suddenly, when the academic year is over, you discover that you don’t like those healthy snacks that kept you going when you were revising. You want ice-cream, you want chicken nuggets and all that kind of stuff. So much for that beach body…

4. Drinking

Do you know the phrase ‘I don’t always drink. I only drink when I want, which is all the time’? Well, here you go. You end up going to parties and being drunk a lot during summertime. Whether you go to a festival, a gig, party with friends, you end up in that state of ultimate hangover. But you’ll always have that voice in your head that will tell you: ‘ enjoy yourself, it’s Summer’.


5. Going to a music festival

The best music festivals take place during summertime. You usually want to go somewhere nice, but sometimes you can’t afford it as a student. Going to a  music festival is a great alternative.

6. Avoiding sleep

You completely overlook your bedtime routine: you don’t get your recommended 8 hours of sleep per night, and you are the best version of a walking-dead. Your eyes are red, but it’s holidays, so who cares?

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7. Addiction to takeaways

You feel lazy and you don’t want to cook. So, you resort to the best thing after the invention of Netflix, that is Deliveroo. You order your favourite meals, all accompanied by some fresh and icey Coca Cola.

8. Trying drugs

Every student goes through that phase of experimenting with friends – one act follows another, and you end up completely stoned. Same as drinking alcohol and sipping on Cosmopolitans, you end up smoking and indulging into some soft form of drug use. A fact needs to be highlighted though: not everybody wants or has tried drugs, and it is entirely a personal choice.

9. Having Flings

With Summer, you mingle, especially if you are single. But even if you are in a couple, some cannot help themselves and give into the desire of the moment. After being studious and serious all year, some see it as a form of liberation and freedom. Just know that all of your acts have consequences, and that sometimes what happens in Vegas does not always stay in Vegas, if you know what I mean…


10. Going Abroad

Going abroad can become quite a tradition for some people. Some go and visit their families, some just want to go to the beach…in any case, going abroad and discovering a new language, a new culture and different people is very enriching and can turn a boring summer into a powerful and intense experience.

What Striking Summer Habit Do You Have? Let Us Know In The Comments Section Below!

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