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6 Summer Fragrances You Need

6 Summer Fragrances You Need

In the summer heat, you want to make sure that you keep yourself smelling fresh and nice. A way to do this is to use perfume. These are some of the fragrances that will improve your summer and keep you smelling great all summer long. There will be a scent for everyone to wear this year, whether it’s fruity and floral or you prefer a muskier smell. Be prepared to be wowed by these summer fragrances.

1. Go Gucci

This Bloom Gucci Di Fiori Eau de Toilette is the latest summer scent being offered up from Gucci. If you love designer perfume then this is the one for you! With jasmine and tuberose, it gives off a gorgeous floral scent. It’s a really nice summer smell but is only for those who love a strong floral scent. It freshens up your skin perfectly.

Plus the design of the bottle is so cute. All in a baby pink colour it just looks super cute and girly. It definitely makes for a glam accessory if you want to take it out with you to touch up during the day. 


2. No More Cloudy Days 

For summer fragrances, cloud might seem like an unusual name. But this fragrance is really pretty and nice. Designed by pop princess Ariana Grande this fragrance embodies optimism and hope. Ariana wanted this scent to offer people love and comfort because to her, clouds are magical and inspiring.

The bottle is really cute as well. With a removable cloud-shaped lid and a cloud-shaped base, it really lives up to its name. With hints of coconut, vanilla, and lavender, this is more than just a perfume. It’s a dream.


3. Feel Snug As A Bear

Moschino toy 2 is a nice mix of citrus and floral scents. It has notes of mandarin orange and granny smith apple in it to give a gorgeous fruity smell. But it does have a sandalwood base and jasmine petals to balance it out. And we have to mention the aesthetic of this bottle. Shaped like the iconic teddy bear this is probably the cutest perfume bottle you will ever buy. The teddy bear head is the lid and the detailing of the gold collar adds glamour to the design.


4. Feel Rosy This Summer

If Angelina Jolie endorses a fragrance then you can’t really doubt it. And it does embody her being the ultimate scent for the modern woman who is strong, sensual and feminine. The new rose-based perfume is the latest in the collection giving women the confidence to live every moment up to its full potential. This will keep you smelling sweet all summer and is the perfect choice parties or laying by the pool. Show the world what you can do with this one.

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5. Smell Sweet Like Candy

Candy night Eau de parfum from Prada is one of the best summer fragrances for this year! It is a long-lasting intense scent of patchouli, musk, tonka bean and cocoa. This perfume was designed to let every woman discover her dark side. It enables rebellious femininity for every woman. This would be ideal to wear to a dinner out or some evening event.

6. Stay Sophisticated

Nomade Eau De Parfum by Chloe is a warm, charming scent that feeds women the confidence they need to face the day. It is a fruity, floral fragrance that encapsulates everything a woman is. With a cherry plum smell, it is perfect for the summer with its sweet fragrance. The bottle is very cute as well a pretty pink and gold look that glamorises the whole aesthetic. And the little ribbon ties to the bottle is a nice, extra detail that completes the fragrance nicely.


If you have any other summer fragrances you would add to this list or you have used any of these ones, leave a comment!

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