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10 Summer Festivals To Check Out This Year

10 Summer Festivals To Check Out This Year

10 Summer Festivals To Check Out This Year

It may not feel like summer yet but summer festivals are just around the corner. Festivals are like going off into a little bubble for a while and just experiencing music food, social time and fun. So, whether you’re a regular festival goer or a complete festival virgin, here are my list of festivals to check out this summer, the big and the small!

1. Primavera

Primavera is a festival located in Barcelona. It’s got beautiful sites and always a great line up. It’s on from the 30th of May to the 1st of June and has a great energy of people all over Europe. Its one of the best summer festivals Europe has to offer.

10 Summer Festivals To Check Out This Year

2. Dekmantal

Dekmantal is a techno, house, electronic festival based in Amsterdam. It’s famous for its awesome DJs and light displays. You’re guaranteed to have a great time and party all night long.

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3. Boomtown

Boomtown is a British festival located in Hampshire. It’s around 4 days long and is held in mid August. In terms of creativity, this festival has tonnes different venues places, stages, and events within the festival itself and will be like nothing you’ve ever been to before. It’s full of life and adventure and fun things to try out and see. Definitely a must see out of these summer festivals.

10 Summer Festivals To Check Out This Year

4. Edinburgh Fringe

Edinburgh Fringe Festival is an alternative festival and series of events and displays located in Scotland. It starts from around the 1st of August and continues all month long, giving you unique experiences, and explores all arts and culture.

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5. Brighton Pride

Brighton Pride is located in south England in the sunny city of Brighton – the gay capital of the UK. Every year in early August the city holds a one-day festival which follows the pride parade. The event is usually incredibly packed but its full of great vibes, great music, and a general community feel of love. Following this is the pride village party, which is an entire street open for clubs and drinks and dancing. You’re bound to have a great time!

10 Summer Festivals To Check Out This Year

6. Brainchild

Brainchild is a very small low key festival based near Brighton in Lewes. Although small compared to other summer festivals, it shouldn’t be disregarded. It usually has a tonne of new up and coming artists which will often have a little chat with you while you’re mooching around the site. There’s lots of thought been put into the design and you really feel like you’ve been transported into another world.

7. Outlook

Outlook festival is located in Pula, Croatia, and has to be one of the most beautiful locations I have ever been to. It’s located in between forest and ocean, so you can sleep in the shade then dive right into the crystal clear waters. The music is varied and always good, it most importantly the vibe is amazing. Be prepared to chill all day, dance all night (and morning) then repeat.

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10 Summer Festivals To Check Out This Year

8. Boom

Not to be mistaken with boomtown above, Boom festival is a festival located in north Portugal, held every other year, to align with the moon. It’s mainly a psychic trance festival, with raw music payed with digeridoos and awesome DJ’s. This festival also offers workshops and yoga classes, and all things that keep you tuning in. I must warn you this festival gets ridiculously hot, and you’ll spend most of your day handing out in the shade or swimming in the lake. This is truly a festival that feeds your soul.

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9. Coachella

Coachella is one if the biggest festivals in the world. Located in California in the US, it kick starts summer festivals starting in mid April, and usually has some of the biggest names in music. With over a quarter of a million people attending this festival is definitely worth checking out at least once in your life.

10 Summer Festivals To Check Out This Year

10. Shambala

Shambala is a music festival located in Northampshire in the midlands. This has to be one of my favourite festivals due to design and location. Every little detail counts in this place, and it’s full of nature and greenery and is based by a beautiful river. It has great music and effects and the stages are well thought out. But mainly, this place is full of magic and good times.

Summer Festivals are awesome, it’s a time out from life to just have a good time and revel in music and happiness. Tell us your favourite summer festivals below!

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