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The Top 10 Summer Festival Outfit Ideas

The Top 10 Summer Festival Outfit Ideas

Got that summer festival coming up and are not sure about outfit ideas? Here are our top ten favourite outfits you need to know for your next summer festival!

There is nothing better than the sun, a bar, thousands of people, and all of your favourite music, live in one place! A festival in the summer is a must. Next, the outfits. Here is a list of the top 10 summer festival outfit ideas that will really get you into the festival spirit!

1. The Denim Shorts

You can’t go wrong with a pair of denim shorts. Light blue, dark blue, black, white, pink, red, patterned, stitched, ripped, high-waisted, mom style, knee length, short shorts. Whatever the colour, whatever the style, denim shorts are always a good easy option! Style with a belt and cute little t-shirt, vest, crop top or shirt and you’re good to go! And don’t forget to add accessories!


2. The Playsuit

Probably one of the most easiest outfit choices you will have to find. I mean, it’s a top and shorts joined together! Simple! Just find a playsuit you like the look of, any colour, any pattern, sequins, no sequins, whatever you feel, and make it up with some festival accessories! Add body jewels and glitter to your face and chest, add some cute rings, a few necklaces that are all different lengths, and half a dozen bracelets and you’re all set!

3. Glitter, Glitter And More Glitter

You can never have too much glitter going on at a festival! Body glitter, sparkles, sequins, body gems, remember, more is key. Get the sequin crop tops, the stick on body jewels, the face glitter, the hair glitter, the sequin playsuits, get it all and sparkle in the sun whilst you dance!


4. The Cute Little 2 Piece

There’s nothing better than a matching co-ord. No stress, no fuss about what top matches with what bottoms, the whole outfit is right there waiting for you to wear and add your own little bit of oomph! Go all out, go crazy, wear bright colours, wear patterns, wear sequins! A summertime festival is one of the places you can really experiment with different styles! So go for it!

5. The Flared Trousers & Flared Sleeves

Embrace your inner hippie. Go all out with flares. Especially if you’re one of these lucky people to own a good long pair of legs, get those flared trousers on! Either plain, or patterned, who cares! Style with a cute halterneck, vest, bralette or bandeau, and strut your stuff rocking those flares!

If you don’t fancy the idea of flared trousers, why not try flared sleeves? Wear a cute little pair of shorts, or even a skirt, and try it with a long sleeved flared top! Watch those flares glide as you wave your arms to the music!


6. Bralettes

Whoever created pretty little bralettes to go under sheer tops and open-buttoned shirts is a genius! Not only can you strip off when you’re a little hot, you can still look amazing and stylish when doing so! The ultimate lace outfit ideas always start with a cute bralette!

7. The Maxi Dress

Again, embrace your inner hippie! Possibly one of the most comfortable outfits to wear, as its just like a long strip of material covering your body, the maxi-dress is the perfect festival outfit to mix comfort and fashion! Add a few hair accessories, a belt and some jewellery and you’re good to go with this old school fashion style!


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8. Fish Nets

Want to add a little extra something to your outfit? Fish nets are always a good place to start. Whether you’re wearing denim, a playsuit, or a 2 piece, if the fish nets look good, why not? Style with a big statement belt and either high top converse or boots!


9. Hats

We’ve all experienced bad hair days whilst camping. But don’t let it ruin your experience or your fashion choices! Just add a hat! Simple! Not only are you still looking super sleek, you are getting that added sun protection, genius we know!

10. The Shades

You cannot go to a summer festival and not have sunglasses! They complete the overall summer look! If you’ve gone super hippie, and are wearing either a maxi-dress or flares, try the circle shaped shades to add to your overall look!


If you’ve gone for the glitter look, try sunglasses which are the same colour as your glitter! Or if you want to go for a different colour, just make sure it compliments the colour of your outfit! This will give you that extra something-something to stand out!

And if you’ve gone for the cute girl next door festival look, wear a pair of dark shades, it adds a whole lot of mystery to your outfit!

What are your favourite summer festival outfits? Get involved and comment below!

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