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Summer Fashion: Do’s And Do Not’s

Summer Fashion: Do’s And Do Not’s

It's time to crack out the maxi dress and sandals and put away the black sweaters! Here are some summer fashion do's and do not's.

Now that it is summer, you just want to enjoy wearing some exciting new clothes and break out in a world of colour. However, there are some no no’s when it comes to what to wear during summer, so here are some summer fashion do’s and do not’s for you to follow!

1: Do Wear Some Colour

Summer is all about being bold and bright, so of course summer fashion means wearing bold colours. However, there is such a thing as too much colour being an eyesore. Make sure you pair the bold colour with something solid, like white, to balance your outfit. You can also wear pastel colours as well, if you wanted something a bit more subtle.

2: Do Wear White

Summer fashion isn’t just about bold colours, it’s also about being classic, and nothing screams classic than white. Besides being a classic colour, white is also lightweight and breezy, which is perfect for those hot summer days when you don’t want to feel like you’re suffocating. You can wear a nice white ensemble, or even a nice white dress paired with some cute sandals.


3: Do Wear Maxi Dresses

Comfort is a necessity for summer, and maxi dresses are the epitome of comfort. Besides being comfortable and lightweight, maxi dresses are also a cute summer outfit that can be paired with some sandals. If you wanted something more chic, you can go for a black-and-white maxi dress with a geometric print.

4: Do Keep It Classic

Classic never goes out of the style and is applicable for all types of fashion. During the summer months, you can match a plain white shirt with a classic pair of jeans, or do the opposite and wear white jeans with a light blue shirt. Complete the outfit with a pair of brown sandals and a wide-brimmed hat.

5: Don’t Wear Black

Summer is hot, so why would you wear something that will attract the heat and make you sweat? Yes, black is a classic colour, but too much black is a no no. If you want to wear black during summer, keep it to one item of clothing (jeans, shirt, shoes) and pair it with a bright or pastel colour to balance it.

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6: Don’t Show Too Much Skin

Summer is the time to show off your sun-kissed skin, but don’t show too much. Wearing an outfit that shows off too much skin (short shorts and a midriff top) can not only make other people uncomfortable, but it can be seen as tasteless as well. If you want to show some skin, you can wear an off-the-shoulder summer dress or top, or even a pair of ripped jeans.

7: Don’t Wear Too Much Denim

We all love our denim, but just like with wearing black, wearing too much denim can cause you to feel hot and uncomfortable underneath the hot summer sun. Instead, you can pair your denim jeans with a simple cotton T-shirt for a more casual, or you can wear a denim jacket over a dress. This will help warm you up on those summer nights that tend to get a bit chilly.


8: Don’t Wear Heavy Materials

Those hot summer months can get to you, so don’t wear heavy materials such as velvet, which might make you feel itchy and uncomfortable. Instead, go for lighter fabrics to wear during summer, such as cotton and linen. You can match a pair of cotton shorts or linen pants with a simple top, or even a chambray shirt with a pair of jeans. Not only will you feel more comfortable wearing them, but lighter materials are a nice touch if you’re going for a casual summer look.

Do you know any other summer fashion tips? Share with us in the comments below!

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