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8 Summer Bucket List Ideas You Have To Do

8 Summer Bucket List Ideas You Have To Do

These are the summer bucket list ideas that you need to try out! They're super fun and crazy, so if you aren't ready for an adventure then these might not be for you!

First, we had the grueling blizzard-lookalike passing over London leaving us with chilly fingertips and scarves covering more than just our necks. Now we’re left with a comfortable coolness about the air where we can escape with just wearing a thick, fleece lined hoodie. Unless of course the weather turns on you and you regret wearing that Topshop layering coat without the layers. We might be grateful about spring and finally being able to walk away from the bitterly cold wind and snow-ice type downpour of winter, but all we really want is summer. Which why we’ve put together a summer bucket list for you to try! Grab your shorts, flip-flops and sunglasses and conquer these summer bucket list ideas at the first sign of sun!

1. Picnic

Have you tried eating at the top of Primrose Hill in winter? I have. It didn’t go very well. With summer, there’ll (hopefully!) be sun, dogs frolicking in the park, the laughter of little children with ice-cream on their faces and parents chasing after them trying to wipe the mess off the rosy faces.

Think lemonade, and ice-creams to cool you down after a long day playing Frisbee or football. You might even prefer having a picnic by yourself and a good book under a tree pretending you’re Meg from Little Women.


2. Travel

Winter travel is great if you’re into wearing about 50 layers, and you’re trying to squeeze you and the layers through the skinny aisles of the plane. Traveling is a perfect activity to do in summer because you get to travel light, literally. No more hassling with a mountain of coats and or having to pack extra lined boots. Visit Provence in France for their lavender season or sip some wine at the Bordeaux Wine Festival. Bring your favourite sundress to Santorini in Greece, or maybe, if you want to stay close to home, head to Brighton where summer is in full-force at the beaches.

3. Energize at a summer music festival

Time to ditch the dark, enclosed gigs and seated concerts for a summer music festival! Explore and push your fashion boundaries for Coachella, or glitter your face up for the Ultra Music Festival. If you’re more into the rock scene, check out Download Festival in June or the popular Reading and Leeds Festival in August.

Find more music festivals here


4. Take a dip in the pool

No one said you had to swim! Channel your inner High School Musical cum Sharpay Evans vibes by hanging out on the deck chairs by the pool, complete with oversized flamingo floaties and iced tea.

5. Go for a hike

Jump into your car or plan a roadtrip and find the nearest hiking spot or explore a new place you’ve never been to with your friends. Take the time to stay a

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way from technology and just immerse yourself in the quiet of nature.

6. Stay indoors

Just because it’s summer doesn’t mean we don’t need a break from taking a break! Laze in bed, stay in pajamas all day and watch the entire season of Stranger Things on Netflix with the company of pizza. Sometimes, in summer, that’s all you need.

7. Stop and smell the roses

Summer is all about being outdoors, spending time with friends and family and taking cute photographs. It’s also about smelling the freshly cut grass, feeling the sun on your face (or playing in the summer rainstorms) and enjoying the sensation you have as your walk barefoot through the soft sand at the beach. We’re so busy trying to document everything, we sometimes forget to stop and smell the roses.


8. Write your own summer bucket list ideas

Bullet journaling has become quite a trend lately. The best way to make use of a fresh new notebook and learn a new skill is to plan your own summer bucket list ideas for you to enjoy in the summer when it comes around.

Are you going to try any of these summer bucket list ideas? Let us know in the comment section below!

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