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10 Summer Bucket List Ideas You Can’t Say No Too

10 Summer Bucket List Ideas You Can’t Say No Too

Looking for some good summer bucket list ideas? These are the best activities to do over the summer of 2018 when you're looking for some crazy things to do!

Summer is coming and unfortunately you are probably going to be stuck at work during the heat wave but you still need to do something to make the most of the sun, we don’t get a whole lot of it. Here are some easy summer bucket list ideas that can easily be done after a day at work or on a single day off!

1. Frozen cocktail making

Get a good blender, fresh fruit, and a spirit of your choice and you are golden. I find vodka and white rum work the best but there are hundreds of recipes available for free online, so spend time experimenting with what you like and have the girls round for a few.

2. Go to an outdoor cinema

There are plenty available all over the country you just need to find your nearest. Often, they play a kid friendly movie first and then a 12 plus after so there is something for everyone.


3. Go to a carnival

Carnivals are travelling the country all summer, go try your hand at coconut bowling, or go on the spinning rides until you feel ill. It’s cheaper than an amusement park as it is only play per go and usually they are in your town centre so there is no need to travel.

4. Head to a waterpark

Waterparks are a great way to cool off in the heat. Tall slides, wave pools, and lazy rivers are all anyone needs to relax in the sun.

5. Make lemonade

It’s dead simple and really refreshing, all you need is lemon juice, sugar, and water and then you just mess with the quantities until it’s as sweet or sour as you like it. Or if you want to do it the boring way there are proper recipes on other websites.


6. Have a BBQ

The basic option, but everyone loves a good old-fashioned BBQ. Make sure you stock your freezer up with burgers at the first sign of sun though because otherwise you will never be able to get them when the heat actually hits.

7. Find a mini golf course

Play a round of mini golf, great for groups of mates or for a date. Everyone loves getting a bit competitive but normal golf is way too much effort, so just play the silly version instead and laugh at the mate that can’t get their ball through the windmill.

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8. Make your own slip and slide

Got an old tarp, some dish soap, and a hose? Then you have a slip and slide! Lay out a long tarp on grass a set about making it slippery enough to play on.

9. Go fruit picking

Nothing is better than fresh fruit and ice cream on a summers day, so go pick it from the vine yourself. It gets you out in the sun and makes for a tasty treat afterward, which is why it should be on your summer bucket list!

10. Head to the beach

The furthest you can ever be from a beach in the UK is roughly two and a half hours, and I should know because I live roughly the furthest you can be away from the beach. So why not take a day to head down, the car journey usually isn’t too bad provided you have AC and who doesn’t love to dip their toes in the water.


What do you think of these summer bucket list ideas? Let us know in the comment section below!

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