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10 Summer Activities To Do When The Sun Is Out

10 Summer Activities To Do When The Sun Is Out

The good days are finally coming back, and you don’t want to stay indoors anymore? Why not try new activities? By yourself, with friends, with your boyfriend, celebrate the end of winter time.

Here are 10 summer activities to do when the sun is out.

1. Sun Bathing In A Park

Not sure if sun bathing is an activity as such, but we’ll put it in the list anyway. Check out the best parks located in your area on websites such as TimeOut  (or just Google Maps) and enjoy a breath of fresh air. Good for your lungs and the mood, relax to your favourite music! Just don’t forget your sunscreen.


2.  Water Activities

One of the best summer activities is swimming.if you live in a big city, it might be difficult to go to the beach because of work commitments. Why not go swimming in an outdoor swimming pool? You can do some boating on the famous Serpentine in Hyde Park (London). A perfect way to explore the city while having fun!

3. Have Coffee Like The French

Go out with a friend for the afternoon and enjoy a fancy drink. You can do itlike Parisians and sit at the terrace of a Cafe. Having a cocktail in a rooftop restaurant/bar is very in vogue now too.


4. Ride A Bike

This is ideal for anyone who is tired of commuting and taking the tube everyday during rush hours. Enjoy the sunny weather and look at the city from another angle. Luckily, you don’t have to own a bike to do this activity . In London, you can hire a bike from as little as £2. Simply go to any docking station with your bank card and touch the screen to get started. There’s no need to book – hire a bike, ride it where you like, then return it to any station.

5. Throw A Garden Party

BBQ, good music, friends and family… Sounds idyllic right? You can throw a garden party and have some fun, especially during the weekend. Just go crazy and party like it’s July.
If you don’t have the space to do one yourself, you can check what is organised locally- you can attend a beer party or else.


6. Visit The Zoo / City Farm

Animals are always at their best when the sun is out! They are cute and ready to strike a pause. This resfreshing summer activity will leave you enchanted. Book a visit to your local city farm! Good for the spirit, you can even learn new things. Did you know that the elephant is the only animal that can’t jump?

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7. Enjoy A Picnic

If you have the opportunity,  leave the city for a bit and visit the countryside. Go and visit an old castle, explore a brand new city, taste pastries. Enjoy a day out and organise a picnic. It will feel like holidays.


8.  Open Air Cinema/ Theatre

Watch an old 1960s film and go back in time. Although this activity is quite romantic, you can also be romantic with yourself, right? It is the period when a lot of festivals are organised by cultural institutes, so check out what they are doing this season.

9. Walk Your Dog

This activity is only doable if you have a dog. Sorry.


10. Outdoor Exercise Classes/ Yoga

This summer activity is very trendy. A lot of celebrities brag about it on their social media accounts. Yoga, Pilates, …not only does it fill your quota of daily exercise and leave you invigorated for the day, but it also forces you to go out and enjoy the sun. Try it out!

So, What Summer Activity Will You Do When The Sun is Out? Let Us Know In The Comments Section Below.

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